Chris Brown - I Don’t Like (rmx) (Drake Diss)

blame it on JES7 June 30, 2012

"A fuck nigga, that’s that shit I don’t like/ They throwin’ bottles, I’m throwin’ models just ’cause I give a bitch long pipe/ Doin’ shows on the soccer field, that’s dome right? I be singin’, he be singin’, so it’s on, fight/ But hold up, I ain’t give a niggaa no green light/ This head up, my bread up, one on one, what you scared, bruh?/ Matter fact, take care bruh, you a pussy nigga/ My nigga Tunechi, yeah that nigga nice/ Shout out to Nicki, man, that ass tight/ Them eyebrows, man, them shits is yikes/ OVO, you overdosed, screamin’ YOLO no, I live twice."

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  • bobbychalkers

    weak....just as expected.

  • Pauly D

    Weak, but it's a lot better than Drake will do.

  • wat

    ^ Drake would definitely kill him lyrically. Drake is a good lyricist, he's just a pussy as a person lol.

  • nito

    dayum drake cant get a brake u can tell he ontop

  • FARTFACE nahmean

    any diss shit to drake would be appreciated keep on niggaz. CB is gay too tho

  • theblackmamba

    Damn that nigga Drake be getting shots from everybody, when is he gonna learn how to fight back, until he does that niggas are gonna keep dissing him cause they know he aint gonna do shit like a pussy ass nigga

  • Azrak

    Chris is nutin but a lil ni99a that fights women. Hidin behind a mic and talking isht. stupid cunt

  • itsmedrakeimaginamesingingwhatijustwrote

    Why does CB try to sound grown on this but when he sings he still sounds like a pre-teen?

  • NYdreams

    wow that shit was wack as fuck
    anybody saying drake couldnt do better this weak shit needs to stop and be honest with themselves ... seriously what the fuck was that ??

  • Pauly D

    Yeah, I know Drake would kill him if he dissed him. But the thing is, Drake couldn't even go at Common. What makes you think he'll go at Chris?

  • cheaboiyae

    Better than wayne's pusha t diss. both still terrible though.

  • DBS

    "Them eyebrows, man, them shits is yikes" Hahahahahahahhaha

  • Yarg

    why the fuck would drake respond to any of the wack niggas that have dissed him? the smartest thing to do is continue doing your own shit

  • mark87

    When you're the most successful artist currently in your genre, the backlash and criticism is just a given. It's perfectly natural for irrelevant or has-been hip-hop and rap artists to attack him. I would see it as more of a symbol of his current success in the industry actually. He doesn't need to respond to shit.

  • xyz123

    @Pauly D.. You say "Drake couldn't even go at Common, why would he go at Chris" like CB is more of a lyrical threat or something.. Lol

  • Pill

    "But I'd never hit a woman, never in my life."

  • Me

    For the record...Drake would slaughter Chris Brown bar for bar. question. Talk all the shit you want about him, but fool can spit. In fact, he's one of the best doing it right now. People get distracted by the singing.

  • Timothy

    Two bisexual's having beef = F A I L .

  • doesnt matter if cris brown disses him, first of all that was weak only line that made me laugh was "them eyebrows man them shits is yikes!" chris n drake are fucked either way fucking tony parker suing their ass for the stupidity drake done. nigga drake is a pussy for sure every rapper going at drake because he thinks he hard but when they put that nigga in his place he dont wanna respond lol..

  • This is pointless & a waste of talent. Drake is an amazing lyricist with the gift of being versatile in all areas of entertainment. Not saying that Chris isn't any of those traits but if he was smart he would stick to making good quality music instead of wack ass disses .


    PEOPLE takin that shit like chris is chuck d..and drake kool g rap.
    c'mon breezy is killin drake right here.
    what the fuck lyrics did you expect ?? some rakim bars¿?
    he attacks the weak points. eyebrows. drake¡s musa. and drake's ability to be gay throwin bottles and shit. and it's cool, i don't likeeee aiggh

  • Flip

    CB dissing drake lol, drake is the little nigga at the park that everyone disrespect

  • jamie

    chris just dropped an album but I didnt think he needed help with sales.. who the fuck is this dj orator

  • Mez

    @xyz yeah I was thinking the same thing.

    and Drake might come back this time cause he knows he can body Chris. I want him to remind people how he hits women and shit.

  • JJ

    A Chris Brown diss would be too easy. All he has to do is remind everyone that this little punk hits women. I hope Drake does make this diss track too.

  • I have got to hear this. My tears might shed tears after this one.

  • YOUNG BITCH on the beat
    this ish is candidate for wackest shit of decade
    a fuck nigga

  • dah

    prolly next time Bieber jumps on this for a drake diss LMFAO

  • Akofteam80ty

    this nigga moist ass just got dissed period. He supposed to be the R&B nigga right. Clown ass niggas always trying to stick up for the super emotional niggas that wanna pop shots with no names. Let em beef cause punk'd brought out the truth in yall homeboy, oh but i forgot none of that matters cause the rap game salutes a bunch of fake ass niggas nowadays. The diss came from an R&b cat, and at the end of the day who was throwing bottles like bitch niggaz

  • Beast Mode

    somebody name a diss record where Drake shut bodied someone. I'll wait. Pusha T rode on his ass and Wayne responded. No disrespect to Wayne, but where Im from if you pop shit should be able to back it up. Not be on tv shows sounding like girls screaming. The hood talk was nowhere to be found in that nigga that day, and its funny because i liked Drake, but nigga be real with yall selves, cant diss the nigga for him, and he wont do it himself. Plus if he respond to this then he need to go at Pusha and common as well, instead of trying to get at the R&B cat. lmao

  • One, two them boys coming for you
    Three, four, better lock your door
    Five, six, hide your bitch
    (Ayo Yeezy, pop your shit)

    I wish you would nigga
    I wish you would nigga
    I wish you would nigga
    I wish you would nigga


    I wish you would nigga
    I wish you would nigga
    I wish you would nigga
    I wish you would nigga

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  • Smart

    Why do people gotta bring up sexual orientation in this? That's so ignorant and immature. Plus, I doubt CB or Drake are gay/bi. Y'all mad because they get way more pussy than any of you.

  • this is so fucking gay.... and to the dude who said its better than what drake could do... youre obviously a haitng faggot. like just plain and simple. youre stupid and mad that drake has more money and bitches than you. chris brown is a fucking faggot.

  • "Why do people gotta bring up sexual orientation in this? That’s so ignorant and immature. Plus, I doubt CB or Drake are gay/bi. Y’all mad because they get way more pussy than any of you.
    Smart said this on June 30th, 2012 at 5:40 pm"

    OH. so you're gay too?

  • Shy

    "Drake would definitely kill him lyrically. Drake is a good lyricist, he’s just a pussy as a person lol."
    this summed it up pretty well.
    And dead @ the eyebrows line.

  • marty mcfly

    Stop it Chris just stop it LOL. I swear these niggas would probably sell they soul to the devil just to appear like they gangsta to they fans. Smh

  • who cares

    Are we supposed to take either of these fags seriously? Honestly though we'd all be better off if they were in a room together and someone blew it up

  • J .Lau

    "Them eyeborws is yikes" LOLOL

  • riki

    HaHaHa like Drake is a great rapper hahahahahhahaahhahahahaha.... come on i mean i know hiphop have hard times this days... but come on never been a great rapper is been a nice dude remember when he came we was like cool he is the new generation of backpack rapper... true is that is from a new genre Rich kid who wanna rap.... 80% of is lyrics is about girls and the oney he own... just try to compare is work to somebody like andre 3000 , kendrick
    lamar even the early kanye west ... i never thought he was a Excellent rapper coz man you can make acceleration or new paterns what ever you like but there is nothing in your lyrics no suffering no crazy ass metaphores, drake is a good kid cool for the industrie and he seems a good personn sometimes... he just have the default of were he came from and who he is ... a spoiled child .
    he really need somebody to smack him in the face (where are you maino)....
    we just need more TDE andwhere the fuck is Jay electronica

  • JXN

    Woah! I didn't know Chris Brown threw punches at guys...

  • Master Lee

    If I was Drake I wouldnt even respond to Breezy. This beef is corny.

  • To be honest all yall can shut the fuck up because yall don't know the whole story behind anything... Yall just know what the media put out... Like them fighting.... What the fuck can yall do about that #Shit cause yall dnt know whats going on... Yall don't know what to believe.... I'm a Chris Brown fan till I die but I'm not bout to entertain the shit... And if yall was real fans yall would let them handel their own problems instead of taken sides... Remember these are grown men here.... All yall just let the media controll yall and yall minds... I believe everything yall hear and it's sad......

  • that should be yall believe everything yall hear and it's sad

  • Your moms, iFucks that.

    Justin Bieber >

  • flo

    chris brown tho..

  • T-munz34

    No real hip-hop fans bump drake, hes for the females. He always says hes the best at what he does but No real hip hop artist deal with those girl pop songs plain and simple. All hip hop fans know Thank me later was weak and so was take care but ppl bought them so hes the best get outta here. hes a punk no one respect him, the swag dont match the sweaters Now thats some shit I dont like.

  • Smart

    "OH. so you’re gay too?
    DaddyLongLeg said this on June 30th, 2012 at 5:42 pm"

    Yeah, I am. Problem?

  • Smart

    Still though, as a gay dude, I can spot one from a mile away lol. Chris Brown and Drake both love the ladies.

  • fat fuck fred

    ms.lovely stfu and suck my dick:)

  • I said it

    Two faggots tryna be tough CB and Drake can both go to hell

  • Kameronmckenzi

    Drake not going to respond, & Chris' verse wasn't that bad. But, Drake is just not the type to diss someone in a verse, he'll cover it up with a whole bunch of other nonsense. He's just not that type of rapper...

  • WHAT!

    Fuck Drake. Fuck Chris Brown. Fuck this beef. And if ya'll think this topic is worth talking about, then FUCK ya'll too. A couple of homo ass fuck boys actin like lil bitches throwin bottles at each other like lil bitches over a chick. Imo, Rihanna won. So fuck these faggot ass pussy niggas at the end of the day. I'm done.

  • Gyh

    I don't know what's worse the fact that C Brown is dissing Drake or the fact that this is better than weezys pusha t diss

  • McBreezy

    I agree with WHAT!

  • Sev23

    Does anybody really care about these two ass bags going at each other on records?

  • Shake: You have to see this fuckin video, I'm not even playin with you. I'm dead serious. I'm still weak as fuck after seein it.

    Oh yeah and Spawn face tats >

    www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=Nq_CWOnSYkk

  • GOLD

    You guys hopped on drakes dick and did the full splits when so far gone dropped, and now he's a pussy cause he makes songs for women? I think making music for groupie niggas is pussy.

    You guys sound like drake fucked yall and never called back. he's still getting his rings.

  • pILLpusha

    IMO, if i cant put my hands on you and we are fighting at a club, you better believe I am grabbing whatever I can to bust your face. People act like it was a regulated fight. Honestly, Drake can respond with half a bar and keep it moving. Why entertain something when CB trying to sell an album thats set to drop.

  • THIS X1000000…

    You guys hopped on drakes dick and did the full splits when so far gone dropped, and now he’s a pussy cause he makes songs for women? I think making music for groupie niggas is pussy.
    You guys sound like drake fucked yall and never called back. he’s still getting his rings.
    GOLD said this on June 30th, 2012 at 8:58 pm

    You guys hopped on drakes dick and did the full splits when so far gone dropped, and now he’s a pussy cause he makes songs for women? I think making music for groupie niggas is pussy.
    You guys sound like drake fucked yall and never called back. he’s still getting his rings.
    GOLD said this on June 30th, 2012 at 8:58 pm

  • I throw bottles too

    Why the fuck would chris even try to rap. Lets be honest Drake is a good rapper ,the dude makes good music too. Drake got at common too....

  • wily coyote

    You guys sound like drake fucked yall and never called back.

    Drake IS very capable lyrically to demolish chris brown n i'm sure hes gonna jump on another feature like stay schemin n drop in a clever bar or two.. His verses on Stay Schemin were on point and the subliminals were and always are much better to listen to than straight disses as exemplified by the likes of common in that beef.

  • [email protected]

    This is petty shit..I feel that Chris is diggin' an even deeper hole for himself...thought he was tryin to clean his reputation up? smh...meanwhile..

    "Drake, here's how they gon' come at you
    With silly rap feuds, trying to distract you
    In disguise, in the form of a favor.." - Hov on Light Up

    but I dunno shit...just my 2cents.

  • Dr Strange

    Lol @ the people mentioning Drake vs Common. You DO know that Common was the one to raise the white flag first, right? Drake bodied Common. Niggas underrating Drake because he sings, lol.


    May be weak but we all know that Jimmy can't take shots. (2000 space bucks if you get reference)

  • E. Geeziss

    Lol Drake is the new Hammer - 2 sold out 2 quit. CB looks weak fighting over a hooker but Aubrey can't do shit because he's the most pussy ass rapper in history on the most pussy ass team. Even Vanilla Ice could whoop his fake degrassi Canadian ass. He'll be over in a year.

  • E. Geeziss

    Drake bodied Common lmaoooo stfu u faggot you're responsible for the fucked up state Hip-Hop is in right now. Common outbattled Cube back when everyone thought that shit was impossible - you must be 1 of these skinny jean metrosexual fuckboys. Your team is trash & YMCMBusters will be over just like all them other gay boy bands. They can do a reunion tour w/ Backstreet & NSync in a few years though, so don't worry.

  • E. Geeziss

    "You can't learn about it in school, and you can't have a late start." -Carlito Brigante

  • Cuntry

    both of them have their own musical talents.. this whole beef shit is stupid.. Drake wants to act all tough when the cameras roll, but when it gets down to the interviews, he wants no problems. Breezy is just lost & has the rep of beating & BITING bitches.. but at the end of the day, fuck all these disses.. if these niggaz got some shit on they chest, lock they ass up in a toe to toe fist fight... no help from anyone.. Breezy did pretty much sum it up with the 1 on 1 line.. out of these 2 though, i got my $ on Breezy.. i just feel like he'll mop Drake's ass up. but that's just me

  • Drake doesn't diss anybody because he has stated in songs that it's not worth his time. Drake's gonna keep fucking one of his baddest women ever (Rihanna) while Chris Brown puts out wack ass verses like this cause he's mad that he has a pencil dick lmao..

  • Dr Strange

    "Drake bodied Common lmaoooo stfu u faggot you’re responsible for the fucked up state Hip-Hop is in right now."

    Ad Hominem? You're off to a great start already.

    "Common outbattled Cube back when everyone thought that shit was impossible."

    That was then. This is now. What happened with Cube don't change the fact that Drake's verse went harder than Common's AND he stated facts while Common resorted to mediorce attacks.

    "Niggas reach just to sell they records." - Drake

    "you must be 1 of these skinny jean metrosexual fuckboys."

    Actually, I despise skinny jeans. I'm from Chicago, not Atlanta. Most of us don't rock those around here. But even if I did, what does my attire have anything to do with Drake vs Common. Nothing? Right. So why bring it up, e-thug?

  • No Bitchassness

    Will someone murk both these fags already.

  • E. Geeziss

    @Dr Strange your name says it all. I don't have to bring up shit else, metro man. Stay strange, my dude.

  • E. Geeziss

    Oh yeah - fuck Feminem. K-Rino checked his ass & got him shook. He aint from any hood. He's a suburbanite till he dies. Never been in Detroit let alone from there.

  • E. Geeziss

    Bridgeport-Harlem-Brooklyn keep on TAKIN IT. NYC baby - yall keep the chip w/ somethin 2 prove. U aint impressin us. We already did all that, so yall earn yall stripes where yall can get it. All that aggression, gettin caught & admittin bodies. We bury ppl. We don't like indictments. Catch up 1 of these days.................................

  • E. Geeziss

    ...................u from Chicago defendin a foreigner - smdh - I'm sure they love that down there. Lame ass doljah. You're a fuckin disgrace to the very definion of representation. Peace 2 the REAL Chi.

  • LupeX

    Im from the Chi & we doont fuck with hating ass nigguz! Thats the REAL Chi, ma nig! Y'all mad bCoz Drake didnt grow up suffering that hard life like 30% of y'all and the other 60% who fantasize about growing up in da hood. Like we aint all out here tryna make that paper so our kids can have a better life than we did.
    That's Y yall aint eva gon make it, u cant b hating on successful ppl & think success is gon find its way to you! It's called the universal law of Karma

  • AndrewLVL

    C'Mon Now i don't like drake or Chris at all but you kind of have to give props to Chris for dissing that fagget ass fruit cake the Whole Young Money squad are a bunch o pussies, Punk ass wayne cant fuck with Pusha T, He'll wreck him lyricall!!

  • Jules

    The Common/Drake situation was completely different. A vet vs a rookie first of all, and Drake prolly grew up listening to some of Com's music. Maybe his heart wasn't in it when it came to steppin to one of his idols, and specially over booty? Chris Brown is a whole 'nother story. I guess it could get kinda interesting but Chris Brown is super concerned with coming of as street. This is Ray-J all over again. Drake is obviously nicer when it comes to rhyming, patterns etc. He's nice with the subliminals too so it would be kinda cool to hear him namin names. And I really think he should. Rumble.

  • Dr Strange

    "U aint impressin us."

    Lol, who the fuck said we were trying to? We don't care about NYC here. We just do our own thing. Lol, classic NYC. Thinking everything about ya'll.

    "u from Chicago defendin a foreigner – smdh – I’m sure they love that down there."

    Seeing as how Drake was here a couple weeks ago and sold out shows, I guess we do. Talent is talent no matter where it comes from. Unless you believe that the "talented" people who invented all the nice ass technology you use today is American originated and didn't come from ANY foreign places.

    Lol, but I'm done wit you. You haven't made a decent argument at all. All you did was attack me personally, which is usually what people do when they aren't smart enough to make a proper rebuttal. The fact that you're BRAGGING about people being murdered and buried in NYC, like that shit's a GOOD thing says it all about you homie. You one of them ignorant people that think it's cool rep your city via violence. Fuck a city, you're a bad representation of MANKIND.

  • realestniggaout


  • Chicago is ashamed of you

    Drake stated facts while Common made up attacks? Dumb niggas might want to look up those verses again, ESPECIALLY when the line that they try to put forward as a "fact" is nothing more than an unsubstantiated "mediocre attack" itself.

  • dayognasty619

    its all publicity for chris browns album. niggas throw shots at whos on top of the game and right now its drake. common did the same. went at drake cuz his album was coming out. beef is fake now a days. its for publicity for their albums. yup, stupid.

  • Dr Strange

    "Dumb niggas might want to look up those verses again,"

    I agree. You might wanna get on that.

    "ESPECIALLY when the line that they try to put forward as a “fact” is nothing more than an unsubstantiated “mediocre attack” itself."

    Fact: Drake has been using his current style since So Far Gone. About 3 years. If Common really had that much of a problem with Drake's music and style, he would've addressed it sooner. Especially back in 09 when he was on the radio getting massive spins.

    Fact: He chooses "Sweet" as his single, because nobody cared about the first two he released that year. It wasn't until he went at Drake's style did he start getting attention.

    Fact: This "beef" happened right when his album (which is actually really good by the way) was about to drop.

    Fact: The "beef" quickly subsided soon after his album dropped.

    And you say all of this is coincidence? Cool story bro.

  • Chicago is STILL ashamed of you

    I call it neither coincidence nor fact, and dumb niggas might want to look up the definition of the word "fact". You're describing a theory of yours, not a fact; and it belongs with almost everything else said in that beef, by either Common or Drake, in the grey area between verifiable truth and random slander. Your portrayal of one side as truth and another as slander is borne of bias, not linguistics; there is no more "truth" in Drake's accusation about beefing for sales than there is in Common's accusation about Drake being soft but acting hard. There's evidence to support both, but verify neither.

    Reply if you like, I've already explained why you're wrong and I won't do it again. Slow trolls aren't worth much time.

  • - Welcome To The Mob (F. Push!, Mouse, Wink Loc, Lucky Don & Twiggy Martin)

  • it's funny how everyone takes shots at drake and he doesnt respond to everyone. get a life ladies

  • Dr Strange

    "Your portrayal of one side as truth and another as slander is borne of bias,"

    I stopped reading here. Because your reply is based on something I NEVER said. I said that Drake's verse was better "AND" he stated facts. Meaning him having "facts" was not the reason his verse was better, simply a plus. Both sides had slander. That's the basis of a diss song. However while Common resorted to all too common and unoriginal attacks on Drake's manhood (because we never heard those before, right?). Drake attacked Common's reasoning and attitude concerning his seemingly spontaneous diss. Which is what made it better. Lol, I never said one side was truth while the other was slander.

    Niggas might want to learn how to read things in context before they call other people "dumb niggas". And they also might want look up Ad Hominem and learn why they lost the minute they resorted to it.

  • db314


  • KFI

    its funny how the hip hop heads comment more on the "gay maintsteam" than anyone else and more than they do they artists they actually support. well, not support, just pretend to like. supporters actually buys albums.

  • QZA

    I don’t know what’s worse the fact that C Brown is dissing Drake or the fact that this is better than weezys pusha t diss
    Gyh said this on June 30th, 2012 at 7:44 pm

    ^^^ this...

  • Can't wait for Late 1990's & Early 2000's type rappers come back in style cause these niggas just making money to talk shit...

  • Boycott


  • "Them eyebrows, man, them shits is yikes"

    CHris is a fool. Thats my dude, VA stand up!

  • EGeeziss

    @Dr Strangelove if it wasn't 4 the SOUTH BRONX u wouldn't have the intellectual property to define in your somewhat translucent subconscious what a bar, hook, scratch, break beat or emcee is/was/will be. Just be lucky you can pollute the game with 90% shit just like all the other carbon copies in every other city across the board. I got love for the minute few who carry on tradition in these cities. Don't get it twisted - 50% of these new-generation pussies in NYC r fuckin up the game just as bad. Fuck them too. But we are the Originators. In this Hip-Hop game, WE are the GODS. Don't ever forget that shit. The only other city that still keeps it 50/50 besides NYC is LA - respect 2 them as well. Everyone in between - finding talent is 1 in 10. Fuck most of yall, & Bigggup everyone who took the road less travelled.

  • “Drake, here’s how they gon’ come at you
    With silly rap feuds, trying to distract you
    In disguise, in the form of a favor..” – Hov on Light Up

    Fuhreal I hate most of this fucking commenters on 2dopeboyz its either reatrded ass wannabe lyrical hip hop heads or people who hate light skin niggas who rap about light skin nigga problems.

    Lets check Draks track record

    Drake > Arsito

    Drake > Common - Stay Schemin destroyed Commons bitch ass career, He put up the white flag first he didnt want it with Drizzy. Common aint even got it like he did in the 90s this nigga a house cat. He been taken in by whites and lives that "I am watching my cholesterol eating nothing but cheerios lifestyle" sheeet this bitch nigga even did a movie with Queen Latifah. Common softer then Drake by a hundred right now.

    Drake > Pusha,DMX,Ludacris - I swear all these old ass rappers gotta hate on Drake. They served their time in the game, and when they wanna come back they gotta diss the hottest artist in the game just to get their name alive again.

    Drake will fucking destroy these fuckboys.

    I think Drake should destroy Wayne as well. He told Drake to drop the beef FUCK DAT. Wayne a bitch for that.

  • Young_Air_Yeezy

    Drake really needs to come out with something or Fight C.breezy bcuz throwing bottles is a bitch move what he should've done was throw those hands...

  • jugga

    game killed it.

  • E. Geeziss

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  • E. Geeziss

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  • -Pshhhh Yo A$$

    Boyyyy Chriss Ion Even Kno waht 2 sayy ( YOLO )

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  • E. Geeziss

    Vanilla Ice>Drake WOWWWWWWWWWWW