Eminem Talks Eighth Studio Album, Art of Rap Film, Dr. Dre & More (Audio)

blame it on JES7 June 30, 2012

DJ Whoo Kid tapped Em, along with Paul Rosenberg on the phone for an impromptu interview which turned out pretty hilarious, more than anything. Topics spoken on: his eight studio LP, if he’s worked with Dre on any new material for the project, his work on Ice T’s Art of Rap documentary, Slaughterhouse and his mutual dislike with Nickel Nine (haha. jokes) Thanks to Soul Culture on the heads up.

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  • ZemZ

    so whst did he say about the album?

  • 2GayBoyz

    I know, this was just a bunch of gibberish, I feel stupid for wasting time out of my life to listen.

  • Shake: You have to see this fuckin video, I’m not even playin with you. I’m dead serious. I’m still weak as fuck after seein it.

    Oh yeah and Spawn face tats >

    www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=Nq_CWOnSYkk

  • yerp

    wow, thats a great picture

  • thanks for the link back homie.

  • comm

    Em is chillin with pete too much. some illuminati shit going down. em comes of as adouche in this.

  • What are you talking about? Em’s always been like this for interviews, all he does is fuck around. I think it’s hilarious, shit makes me laugh every time. He’s not being serious.

  • who cares

    No one wants to here you put out another weak album that just further ruins the legacy you created years ago. Just stop, please.

  • yung


  • Wonton Soup

    Didn’t know Seoul was in North Korea now.

  • ty law

    Whoo-Kid is so FUCKIN ANNOYING! Seriously. How does he have a radio show? I put him and Nicki Minaj annoying ass in the same boat. And a Whoo-kid/Nicki Minaj interview….Oh fuck I’d blow my brains out.

  • travel0n

    I love how Em speaks in interviews.
    Whoo kid is so behind with things and then has no common knowledge of anything. So damn annoying Whoo Kid has a radio show.

  • Jon

    Whoo Kid can’t even count! Dumb ass motherfucker.

  • geography

    smh at paul saying seoul is in north korea. dog, you’re not gonna do a show in f–king north korea.

    whoo kid may be the stupidest person in this country though. how is it possible that he both can’t count and has no idea where seoul is.

  • geography

    what i mean is, most interviewers would have corrected paul like “i think you misspoke, you meant south korea”

  • qoij

    whoo asking some groupie ass questions. “what you gonna do on 4th of july this is your year man. you gonna cook some raw meet in detroit?” wtf? lol

  • illmanors

    The Em that i grew up wit died after TES.

  • communistcosigns

    Seoul, North Korea? LMAO, retards.