Eversno – Tygu f. Elodie

blame it on Shake June 30, 2012

With my insomnia in full effect, it made sense to check out the latest tune from the homie Eversno.

DOWNLOAD: Eversno – Tygu f. Elodie (prod. Dylan Tran)

  • Wonton Soup

    Doped it just for the artwork, but the song is cool too.

  • SayBay

    Super super dope. Keep up the good work Sno. You’re on the way to the top baby.

  • SHEbad


  • Fuck with it! Shit is tight.

  • GDot

    As usual, this guy never disappoints. Dope track.

  • Tis great.
    Feels good to really know you all.

  • CityBoy

    Its okay, not really a good song, i give this more like a 2.

  • CityBoy

    Im only playing lol … this song is bumping.. playin in my jeep right now…

  • Lance Geneva

    Clicked for the artwork, commented for the song.. Never heard of this cat or the producer but I’m watching now.. This shit goes..

  • FBG$

  • RubyRoc

    Skipped past… Saw all the dopes, had to look. This is dope.