• chiefqueef


  • james

    This chick has more looks than Beyonce, just another black model creating fake, unrealistic expectations for the youth.

  • unclesam

    She was in that Kardinal Offishal video for Dangerous too. She was bad as fuck in that one.

  • me high on a bongo

    This is one of the most gorgeous girls posted so far, she has the perfect balance of body and face...

  • WhutzHerNumba

    Unclesam hit it on the head. She bad as hell. Shake's Ghost on point with this one.

  • SwizZ

    She bad

  • dave

    finally a decent beautiful lady.

  • Mario Balotelli

    Yo Shake, check out "Ainett Stephens"... she got an amazing body, trust me you won't regret it

  • Rik

    The eyez have it!!!!

  • zbMrOG

    first pic sez it all, beautiful.

  • http://tooclutch4tv.tumblr.com TooClutch4TV


  • louislagerfeld

    beautiful! wow! you ghost of shake never disappoints

  • Sexy Time… It’s Nice!

    Very nice, How much? *Borat voice*

    Naw, but, seriously, if she has a cool ass personality to match her gorgeous looks, I would wife her -- quick, fast & in a hurry.

  • #justsayin

    Please nobody be a fool and say anything other then she's baaaad !!

  • BenDoughVA

    She's a real beauty! Not a fake plastic bitch like the last one!

  • thenous

    She has no ass

  • JAyP

    shes gorgeous

  • ReallyTho

    another naked broad....lol...same ole shit just a different chick.

  • ReallyTho

    Chicks like that should never be viewed as wifey material. Any broad thats willing to show a$$ & Titie$ for money will only make her man look like a pimp or a sugar daddy...

  • unique_osmosis

    She is bad but

  • unique_osmosis

    She is bad but she loyal to that money.#kanye shrug

  • Vitu

    I don't know guys. This bitch looks cock-eyed in a couple pictures, not saying she's isn't beautiful, it's just kind of disturbing to look at.

  • Da_Father

    Damn... Legs. All I gotta say o_o