Saturday Night Sexy: Chanta Patton

blame it on Illy June 30, 2012

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The actress/model who we saw play the lead role in Lil Wayne’s “How To Love” music video Chanta Patton is tonight’s sexy for your Saturday night. And although we haven’t heard or seen much from the southern girl since, we’ve collected a handful of glammy modelling flicks of the photogenic vixen down bottom.

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  • chiefqueef


  • james

    This chick has more looks than Beyonce, just another black model creating fake, unrealistic expectations for the youth.

  • unclesam

    She was in that Kardinal Offishal video for Dangerous too. She was bad as fuck in that one.

  • me high on a bongo

    This is one of the most gorgeous girls posted so far, she has the perfect balance of body and face…

  • WhutzHerNumba

    Unclesam hit it on the head. She bad as hell. Shake’s Ghost on point with this one.

  • SwizZ

    She bad

  • dave

    finally a decent beautiful lady.

  • Mario Balotelli

    Yo Shake, check out “Ainett Stephens”… she got an amazing body, trust me you won’t regret it

  • Rik

    The eyez have it!!!!

  • zbMrOG

    first pic sez it all, beautiful.

  • Gorgeous!!!

  • louislagerfeld

    beautiful! wow! you ghost of shake never disappoints

  • Sexy Time… It’s Nice!

    Very nice, How much? *Borat voice*

    Naw, but, seriously, if she has a cool ass personality to match her gorgeous looks, I would wife her — quick, fast & in a hurry.

  • #justsayin

    Please nobody be a fool and say anything other then she’s baaaad !!

  • BenDoughVA

    She’s a real beauty! Not a fake plastic bitch like the last one!

  • thenous

    She has no ass

  • JAyP

    shes gorgeous

  • ReallyTho

    another naked broad….lol…same ole shit just a different chick.

  • ReallyTho

    Chicks like that should never be viewed as wifey material. Any broad thats willing to show a$$ & Titie$ for money will only make her man look like a pimp or a sugar daddy…

  • unique_osmosis

    She is bad but

  • unique_osmosis

    She is bad but she loyal to that money.#kanye shrug

  • Vitu

    I don’t know guys. This bitch looks cock-eyed in a couple pictures, not saying she’s isn’t beautiful, it’s just kind of disturbing to look at.

  • Da_Father

    Damn… Legs. All I gotta say o_o