Joey Bada$$ – Waves (Video)

blame it on Shake July 1, 2012

Directed by Va$htie.

One of the standouts from Joey’s 1999 mixtape gets the visual treatment.

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  • AD

    i think rap is slowly going back to the 90’s

  • $$$

    The fact he’s just a regular kid makes it all the sweeter.

  • This kid is to nice

  • fat fuck fred

    directed by my wife vashtie

  • Master Lee

    Very dope. Joey is the future. I’m starting to feel better about Hip Hop again.

  • III

    I find it hilarious that OF stans try to say that Earl is way ahead of Joey. Unlike Earl, Joey actually SAYS SOMETHING in his rhymes. Earl’s got lyricism but doesn’t say shit in his songs. Just talks about random bullshit.

  • ^Lyrics ain’t shit without content

  • andy

    I like the song, but man, you couldn’t put one girl in your video?

  • $$$

    ^ Someone’s uncomfortable with their sexuality if they even noticed that.

  • Native

    NYC is on fire!

  • frv

    haha cosign @$$$
    This kid is nice

  • Ok Cool

    man yall gotta stop hyping shit so much, this my 2nd time hearing Joey and he can rap for sure and his content is dope too but the way people were talking about him I thought this was gonna the 2nd coming of nas mixed with jay-z’s long lost son. Just let these young dudes rap shit fucks with the listeners ears…I hope he keeps it up and people let him be a 17 year old rapper and not hip hops savior.

  • @piffingtonsteel

    this joint goes hard! we need more music like this..

  • iFloss

    @Shake I vote for a system where we can like and dislike comments!

    @OK Cool … You’re soo fucking right, people need to let him be a 17 year old rapper and not hip hops savior… Keep hyping his ass up and he’s gonna either become a princess, or a prick… And his music will most likely suffer

  • Drew

    Dudes got next!

  • Mario

    The track is by this producer by the name of Freddie Joachim. Look him up. I first heard the beat back in late summer 2011.