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    14. All Eyes on Me f. Trae Tha Truth (prod. Tye Hill & DJ Thunder)

    ^^^ Sounds very interesting to me.

  • milly

    most niggas gonna sleep on this. finna be a classic, like always. ay thats you're loss tho..

  • JXN

    Checking it out for track 3 and the Xaphoon Jones production. Always dope.

  • Young Coyote

    The world is finna come to an end #RANSOMNIA

  • mike

    @milly cosign. Ro Ransom is dope, lots will sleep on this release.

  • valence

    Leap of Faith was cool. The other to singles didn't come close to my expectations. Hopefully the rest of the tape will prove Nero still has it.

  • Turok

    Deadman wonderland is such a sick ass beat that I thought ransomnia has to be cool, I hope the song title is a reference to the anime cause it seems to fit the vibe so well, also love the line in limousine "man im on that Death Note, that Darker Than Black" "your girl want FoolyCooly" "best watch how you Bebop with them Cowboys"