Crooked I Presents: C.O.B Cypher 2012 (Video)

blame it on Shake July 2, 2012

It’s a rare occasion when Crook lights up. So when the boss comes through blowing smoke into the camera, you know it’s about to go down. And with a few familiar instrumentals playing in the background, the Horseshoe Gang, Iceman, Coniyac and company rock with bars. #OKBYE

  • what???

    Do you know the first intumental??

  • David Davidson A

    No crooked? Damn

  • Wonton Soup

    @what??? the first beat is Twista – Adrenaline Rush

  • SuperMegaWorm

    sadly it’s always downhill after the Horseshoe Gang is done with their parts…

  • buckets

    ^^ yeah but at least One-2 ended it.

  • wa

    These niggas hungry.

  • shloob

    this shit was not hot.. one-2 dude was ill, and the horseshoe dudes was eh. I mean they was lyrical, and the flow was fast or whatever, something just didnt float smooth to me when they rapped.

  • buckets

    ^^ r u fucking crazy? u-gang absolutely destroyed both instrumentals.

  • created619

    OK, I remember back when horseshoe gang was hard to listen to lol. back when they had like 2 songs with crooked. back when i would usually fast forward their tracks to get to crookeds verse! back when crooked only had a handful of songs himself, so “MURDERIN EMCEES” was played about 10 times a day on my REAL PLAYER!! lol. that’s a million years ago for a 25 year old! Now, Horse Shoe gets repeated spins on my I-Tunes! I hate that Crooked comes hard when he wants to (like when he’s with SH), but otherwise, he drops a lot of MEDIOCRE verses now a days (past 6-7 years or so). HSG on the other hand, have yet to drop anything that isn’t FLOODED with HIT after PUNCH!! Yeah they haven’t gotten the fame that crook has, but that doesn’t matter, look at Chino XL! He STILL MERKS and he’s like 45 lol (my fav rapper of all-time)! I live for that shit! HUNGER IS KEY IN HIP-HOP! Anyway, it’s still ALL C.O.B.! NOW… WHERE’S THAT CAPONE SOLO ALBUM!!??

  • created619

    Lol @ “…something just didn’t float smooth to me when they rapped”. You pretty much just said, “oh they had great lyrics, and great flow, but they don’t sound like every single other rapper…”. If you’re not HUGE on lyrics, this aint the music for you. Check out some new Wiz Khalifa or Waka Flocka Flames or something on your local “hip-hop/r&b” radio station. This isn’t for Swag-Fags, this is REAL hip-hop… Lyrics!

  • real


  • BabyLeg

    this is the shit i need.
    HSG – top shit like always.
    Karelezz and One-2 are ill too.

  • COB

    HSG killing shit!

  • Joe

    Last instrumental was?

  • j

    Will a rapper diss these dudes so I can see them body someone Got Damn C.O.B.

  • kelvin izza g

    u couldnt get a pretty woman if u was dressed in rich gere(gear)????????????!!!!!!!!
    holy mackeral

  • Kadio

    HSG, Karelezz and One-2 bodied this shit for real! COB got so much heat right now and they are LONG BEACH! HSG are gonna make history though, bigger than Tha Dogg Pound ever were coz i reckon Dre will co-sign these lot to Aftermath/COB or some shit!

    Ssuutt 2X!!

  • abc

    Yoooo.. why the fuck karelezz bitin canibus for? lol

  • iFloss

    Fire… Extremely fire

    Too bad we’ll never hear em get commercial success, rapping that hard usually doesn’t allow rappers to make bangers