Kelly Rowland – Ice f. Lil Wayne

blame it on Illy July 2, 2012

The “Motivation” duo team up once again for the lead single off Ms. Rowland’s upcoming fourth album. Shouts to LilWayneHQ.

The Lil Wayne features came in abundance today. Check the other ones courtesy of ‘Shit, David Guetta and Keyshia Cole.

  • Kyle

    The Legendary Ghost Deini!!

  • KIM

    She thought if she do another song wit wayne again it would be a hit like the last one, but she was wrong LMAO!

  • Lil’ Wayne

    ….damn kelly, u cant get anyone else….fuck outta here

  • wqeio

    maybe jeff bhasker was right. motivation was only a hit cause of lil wayne.

  • DocCosmos

    this shit is wickity wickity wack, ymcmb goin down in flames

  • Fuck Hipsters

    This song sucks so bad… But She so bad though…

  • JETLIFE116

    all that make up mane, they tryn make her look lighter on some bullshit..she sexy in a natural color u_u

  • Birdman

    same ass drum break we all heard 100000000000x and wayne recycled that “maid nigga” line from Im On One. Lame shit

  • EricDean

    The increase of actual lyricism is drowning out the annoying influence and “talent” that is Lil’ Wayne. He sounds like a kid. And the lyrics are stupid. “You’re like ice … your love is so hot.” o_O This is why the black community will never be taken seriously.

  • TheTruth

    Y’all hating ass bitches! Fuck outta here wicho none knowin music muthafuckas! Real shit

  • rolo eater

    “this is why the black community will be taken seriously”

    shut the fuck up you self hating negro. exactly how does one song lyric determine the perception of an entire race. what do wack lyrics have to do with race? white people don’t make bad music? white people arent violent? white people to have bad lyrics in their music? this is easily the most shameless cooned out comment i have ever seen on 2db. EVER.

    so sick of sambo’s like ericdeon talking down to his race over the smallest non-racial issues that apply to every race just to needlessly praise the white man and justify racial ignorance and racism. you dont speak for black people, you dont represent black people…. you speak as a sellout.

    self-hatred is real people. if you oppress someone enough they will start creating false justifications for your blind hatred against them, ” this is why black people cant get ahead”.. no, black people cant get ahead because you attribute every problem to race… despite every race being guilty of the same people cant get ahead because people like you have been white washed into hating your own people . fucking slave.

  • Bomb

    I love the song. I of course had it for a while now. I guess I had time to heard the lyrics but it was the beat and the sexiness of the tone is what captured me instantly, not to mention that I love Lil Wayne……that was an extra bonus.

  • Courtney

    Love it!!! Loved Motivation, loving Ice! Shiznit is HOT & can’t wait to get it on iTunes!