2 Chainz – Based On A T.R.U. Story (Artwork)

blame it on Shake July 3, 2012

Shot by Fabien Montique for Kanye West’s DONDA.

Just like his rhymes, the cover art to 2 Chainz’ upcoming album (Based On A T.R.U. Story, August 14th) is simple and to the point. I’m not mad at it.

  • JChrome

    dope, simple, self explanatory & original. I like. can’t wait

  • clean & minimalistic. good shit.

  • I actually like this cover

  • Ching Chong

    Classic Cover Forreal. Even If The Album Ass This Album Artwork Will Go Down In History-Ching Chong

  • Not a fan of his at all honestly, but the cover is dope.

  • who cares

    This cover is lame as fuck. What are ya’ll smokin’ on? Give me some so I too can appreciate this piece of shit cover

  • yeahyeahyeah

    what the fuck does this mean? i dont get it.

  • really?


    Damn…it must hurt being that dumb. It’s elementary as fuck.

  • titties

    too bad he wasn’t still called tity boi.

  • WhatHeSaid

    ^ LMAOO

  • j

    2 WORDZ

  • j

    2 CDZ

  • j


  • j


  • j

    2 WACK

  • j

    2 LAME

  • Lance Geneva

    UKRAINE (2 Chainz Voice)

  • Julian

    I dont like 2 Chainz but this is a nice looking cover thats simple as well.

  • zachariah

    I like the simple cover, even more that the chains represent the old school look in hip-hop and not some over-crusted diamond shit made to shit on the poor communities who support the guy for his swag. Since Mercy, he has grown on me, so I’m optimistic for the guy, Playaz Circle was always cool, I just never paid attention to them at the time.

  • sdf

    ^^ this.

    that playaz circle album wasn’t bad at all and i been diggin 2chainz for a while

    looks like kanye helped him with the cover

  • IS34

    WTF i CAN’T Belive THIS SHIT, everybody was hatin on TITYBOY, now He’s on Kanye West GOOD and now everybody loves em ????????

    illumitati (SATAN)

    Mind Control:

    We are closer to the Judment day :)