• 2deep

    anyone know who the photographer is for the cover?

  • ben

    this is dope, outro is crazy.

  • B. Emerson 909

    N I C E.

  • Unique1iN-LA

    not his max potential. He is trying to sound like A$AP Rocky too much on screwed parts. Some areas lack origniality & the production is very busy & the obviously have no budget for a studio mix. Keep goin though S.Rose! I liked "Down Town" just dont want to be a 1 hitter!

  • http://www.quartersandeighths.com Quarters&Eighths

    To Judge is To Envy, big up Sean Rose and big shout out to CAM, rep that 7 0 Deuce! We run with rebels because we live like rebels! 1 hitter quitters to this country ass fucked up town! LVTRIBE!