Theophilus London – Rose Land v.1 (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake July 3, 2012

Powered by the A$AP Rocky-assisted Big Spender and She Said OK w/ Big Boi, Theo drops off his latest project. Tracklist/download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Theophilus London – Rose Land v.1 (Mixtape) | Alt Link

  • People are voting “dope” minutes after an entire mixtape has been posted. You’re either a time traveler or a dick rider, there’s no other explanation.

  • @Shihaby, They already know it’s dope due to the fact he released ill shit prior to this. So, instead of being a judgmental person by criticizing the ‘dope or nope poll’; just let people do what they want.

  • Datnigga

    time traveler here. Shihaby is a troll today, yesterday and tomorrow

  • grapedrank

    ^Agreed. I just heard this guy for the first time the other day checking out some live performances he did for The Switch. He’s pretty dope I’m actually pretty excited to give this a listen.

  • backpackersarefaggot

    @rodney ramen

    you are everything that’s wrong with hip hop fans. how the fuck do you judge a new project based on past material. what kind of retarded ass logic is that? and then by the same logic you assholes thumb down an artist before you even press play.would it kill you backpacker faggots to just judge the fucking music objectively? we all know you dont buy albums, but could you at least listen to the material first before you act like youre entitled to opinion about it? fucking faggot. you assholes are the reason artists go pop.

    you’re the reason rappers like wanye and drake dont even respond to disses anymore, because you’ve already decided they’ve lost before you even hear the fucking song. you’re the reason why pac was going to quit rap and go into acting full time. “rap is too political, its not even fun anymore. why make music when people are so caught up in the controversy that they cant even appreciate my new work”.

  • Dae Dae

    I respect theo for being different but he jacked kid cudi’s entire sound & style. Im far from a hater so i’ll give it a listen and check it out.

  • Sweet

    I thought this nigga rapped… nigga singing like some classic european dude,

  • Johnny Quest

    ^^ Wayne some shit though. So why even mention him? Drake does what he loves. He’s a pretty boy. He loves girls. He’s sentimental. He’s not a tough guy although he can portray it rather well if he wants too.

    If you’re referring to the beef with CB then Drake would murder that nigga easily. Brown’s verse was wack as shit. If you’re referring to Common then I still think Drake would 1-up him because Drake is a natural smart ass. Meaning if you have the wits and comical attribute then you can beat anyone lyrically if you want.

    As far as Pac. I doubt that the shit you’re mentioning was going on back then. Hip Hop / Rap was too real back then. There were frauds but not like how it is now. I don’t think you quite grasp what Pac was trying to say.

    But I’ll agree with you. You can’t “Dope” or “Nope” a piece of work before listening to it. I like some of Theo’s work but as a whole I’d rate his past work as a “Nope” while some “Dope” tracks still existed on his projects. I’m not too much of a fan of this type of music. The shit is left field from what I bump. I’m sure he will have some ill tracks on here but I’m not expecting the whole tape to be repeat worthy.

  • Johnny Quest


  • $$$

    You guys bitch and moan too much. Listen to the music or go to bed.

  • TrillaTrilla

    dudes in here butthurt for no damn reason

  • Johnny Tsunami

    ^^ Bro your name is TrillaTrilla. All of your past, present, and future comments are irrelevant. Bet you didn’t even use that word til Rocky arrived on the scene. Do some research slim.

  • TrillaTrilla

    ^^comin from a guy with the name johnny tsunami…fuck outta here with that disney bullshit….

  • Basegod

    Or you could have some Hot New Hip Hop Comment like “Soulja Boy and Lil B aren’t on this tape so its irrelevant. BASEGOD out”. I like the comment posters here at least because most people who visit this site have some sort of knowledge about music. Whether or not anyone agrees with each other, we can all respect each other because we all have a better knowledge of what is out there then the next site. With that being said, Im downloading this tape and I expect it to be pretty good.

  • Em-City

    I also agree that you shouldn’t be dope/nope’ing shit til u listen.

    I wanna know what ppl think of the music, not the artist

  • j2fly

    god damn lets get off who says its dope or not. just listen to that shit your self

  • TruSwag

    People can always give the work a “Dope” rating if they are excited for it. You niggaz need to focus more on your poverty-stricken families than the classification of a “dope” piece of work. Stupid fucking monkeys.

  • You assume that my comment meant that this project is bad… I never said it was. I was just criticizing people who hit the “Dope” or “Nope” button based on the artists involved, and almost never about the quality of the music.

    There should be a “Hope” button, because I’ve definitely lost it with these rage-filled comments.

  • aye you!!…… yeah you. shut up!



    Rose *Island* (in the title)

  • Malcyvelli

    @aye you alll these posts were about the tape (basically) if you dont like then get the fuck off the page bitch

  • duttyriddim

    uh this mixtape isnt that bad, but very boring half the time. this is definitely his laziest project & it lacks the soulfulness of previous mixtapes. plus production quality is noticeably worse.

  • (l,k)

    you ever think they hit dope because they think the actual post of this is dope because they were excited for the project to drop???

  • Johnny Tsunami

    @TrillaTrilla Bet I know more about the movie then you know about that word. Oh. Aight.

    And as far as the tape, it’s nice. It has its shitty tracks like any other project, but it’s a step in a better direction for Theophilus and is worthy of a “Dope”. Kick rocks haters

  • aye you!!…… yeah you. shut up!

    I’m goin to take your advice and fuck off. But before i do I would to say
    I’m truly sorry if I hurt your feelings, I hope everybody in the c-section will see it in
    Their hearts to for give me as well. Now I must go.

    *ring ring*
    Me: yes Mrs.Malcyvelli?

    Mrs.Malcyvelli: I would like for you to come fuck me again

    Me: sure thing Mrs.Malcyvelli you got that saggy pussy I like. I’m On my way!

  • Thank Me

    Why is everyone concerned with the amount of DOPES and NOPES. Fans are going to be fans and haters will be haters. You can’t help that. I’m happy a guy like Theo is even being talked about like that.

  • TrillaTrilla

    @Thank Me its amazing to see his progression since droppin that Jam! mixtape back in 08.

    @Johnny Tsunami thats cool………….. Still dont understand how my comments arent relevant just because im a rocky fan look at more than half the names people use on this site…who cares….

    Tape is overall very dope though. bout to be bumpin this and that new ro ransom tape all week.

  • johnnyboyy

    @shihbaby Shut your ass up. It wasn’t up here first for one. I heard the entire tape before it was posted on this site.

    Know what you are talking about next time

  • MACHINEDRUM is a super underrated producer. Live in Me is definitely the best track. Hope to hear more from the two of them. TL & MD collabs always deliver. Check out Aquamilitia and Night Ridin’, older tracks from the two.

  • @johnnyboyy Yes, my posts were all directed towards you personally. You’ve figured it out.

    I especially liked the part where you claimed that you’ve heard it on another site first, came here (to… download it again? I don’t know why you even clicked on something you already have in the first place) gave it a “Dope”, and then 12 hours later came back yet AGAIN simply to reply to my comment that wasn’t even directed towards you!

    Quite a feat, sir. Bravo.

  • johnnyboy

    @shihby You are an idiot truly. I visit the site, thought I would leave a comment about this tape because I had heard it to leave feedback others could read.

    I clicked Dope because it is dope.

    I didn’t visit the site again for 12 hours then saw your stupid ass posts.

    Get outta here asshat, you just trying to push the blame for your faggotry.

  • los

    wheres that pinky and the brain track i thought it was gonna be on thiis

  • wio


    the dope/nope buttons were not intended to represent your level of excitement. what a dumb rationale. by that same token you gonna thumb shit down everytime its an artist you dont listen to? that’s why this site’s comments section has gone to shit. too many hating ass niggas basing their reviews of shit on everything but the music. dumb fucking jungle bunny coon.

  • randy

    to all you people say people are too emotional. this is a good discussion to have. because it reveals just how ignorant people are when it comes to their perception of good music.

  • JustAFanOfMusic

    …this shit sucked, and I hate Kid Cudi. Only had like 2 clean joints on this piece of shit… you obviously know what one of them was.