Asher Roth - Roof Behind the Grill f. Buddy

Asher continues his Summertime music releases w/ this Buddy-assisted jam.

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  • Wonton Soup

    I feel like Lil B would've been at home on this track. I have no clue what the hook was supposed to mean. Put some shoes on dawg.

  • GR

    Errbody's gonna be rapping over TNGHT's BUGGN track.

  • JaySole

    Childish gambino would have murdered this beat.

  • Jaymalls

    This is TNGHT’s BUGGN Beat of their EP and Asher Roth sound like French Montana wrote his verse... Lol! On another note... TNGHT is working with Kanye on that Cruel Summer album... :ObamaSuccess:

  • Mike

    Good beat

  • wackness

    This is so horrible--but it's funny. Brings to light just how bad trap music is. If they aren't talking drugs and money all of a sudden it isn't so cool anymore is it?

  • Rock

    Asher Roth is SOOOOO lost. Who is guiding this guy's career? Didn't he just sign to Def Jam? The FUCK are Sha Money and NO ID doing over there? NO ID clearly guiding Nas project well but someone needs to give some time to this kid cuz he's lost in it big time.

  • that truth

    this is obviously a joke, how the fuck are you not gonna say that before you post it unless you didnt listen to it? and gambinos never murdered anything. he can come out too now that franky did

  • coolz

    "gambinos never murdered anything"
    "how the fuck are you not gonna say that before you post it unless you didnt listen to it? "

    same applies, no?

  • Fuck Yeah Hip Hop!

    I thought that was Mr. Lif at first glimpse. Yo! How sick would a Roth/Lif collab be?!!

  • Fingers

    This dude is annoying

  • Over Vizzy's "Mary Kate & Ashley".


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