Childish Gambino – Royalty (Mixtape)

blame it on Illy July 4, 2012

Childish Gambino drops off his much anticipated Royalty mixtape on schedule Independence Day style. The 18-track mixtape features guest spots from ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Nipsey Hussle, Bun B, Ghostface Killah, RZA, Danny Brown, and more, with production from Boi-1da and The Maven Boys, Beck, Ludwig, Donald Glover himself, and more. Download the entire project after the jump now.

DOWNLOAD: Childish Gambino – Royalty (Mixtape)* | Sharebeast
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  • Chris

    Not gonna lie…I’m usually not a big Gambino fan, but dude came correct with this. Dope mixtape

  • mR

    finally! word to CG

  • MyNameIsDude

    Tina Fey is on it. Hilarious.

  • back artwork… I can’t see shit.. Hope it’s good

  • beyenesausage


  • defjam man

    now people are gonna hop on the bandwagon dude been putting out good music for a while now

  • Chris

    @defjam man

    Fuck outta here with that “bandwagon” shit. You ever think that maybe he just improved and came harder on a new project so he gained some fans?

  • woah


    I dont agree with the ‘bandwagon’ bollocks, but this is not his best project at all

  • MJR

    Both Links are dowm!! – Please re post them….

  • Chris


    I personally have never cared much for him, but I thought this was actually a pretty good tape. I’m still not a die-hard supporter of him, but this definitely impressed me more than his other shit.

    What is his best project, in your opinion? Just curious

  • RogerFederer


    Definitely CAMP although the EP was good to. He involved into a different rapper with this mixtape. I think this is his worst project overall. I still wasn’t the only one to say it wasn’t dope though….Lol.

  • you

    These features are ridiculous. Haven’t even heard the tape yet.

  • Toxic is my shit, Danny Brown goes to hard!

  • Mixster

    Cmon Camp? Nahh his best was his mixtape called Culdesac, or his EP, so many good stories he wrote into his raps that really made me listen to him way more. He’s the realest rapper out in my opinion i dealt with alot of the same bullshit he keeps talking about so i guess its easier for me to support him but Camp was kinda just to get himself out into the public eye…Cant wait to listen to this Team Royalty stand up!!!

  • Dude

    I don’t really care for this mixtape much. It doesn’t have enough Gambino. Too much of the other people, and I don’t seem to like any of them at all, and not enough Gambino. The only person featuring on there I liked was Tina Fey, no joke. I’m going to cut out all of the song except her part, just to listen to the few seconds she’s there.

    If you wanted to hear Gambino on this new mixtape, go somewhere else.

  • my god

    Ab-Soul got off on Unnecessary. Homie needs to get more features. He might be killing them jawns like Kendrick

  • Meh

    I know everybody has an opinion, but this is Gambino’s best project BY FAR! He wasn’t lying when he said being in the studio with other artists and getting their opinion made him a better rapper. This shits all over Camp (with the exception of Backpackers and That Power).

  • lol

    Frank Ocean is gay, bro.

  • Johnboybk

    Wow Childish Gambino & Stann Smith dropped a mixtape on the same fuckin day……hip-hop is back……….fuck yeah, thank u lord!

  • @battlecrane

    Just finished listening to it and it is pretty good. I will say I think this mixtape was more for but not exclusively for hood niggas(couldn’t think of a better word or classification) unlike Culdesac and EP.

    Not doing anything today so time to play it again.

  • DK

    Avoided all of the tracks he let loose looking forward to listening to this now!

  • Meh

    My only real complaint is that some songs are disappointingly short. That’s a valid complaint, right?

  • woah


    Culdesac or Camp are miles ahead of anything hes done, EP is good too

  • Juicy-G

    He did a track with Chance The Rapper. YES!!! This shit is dope. Bee waiting for a minute now.

  • Interesting

    Childish Gambino is a gangster.

  • you

    Always good to hear Ghostface over a smooth soul beat

  • you

    Danny Brown wrecked it

  • kohm

    culdesac >= ep > the I Am Just A Rapper tapes >>> Camp

    L.E.S. is a pretty dope song tho

  • $$$

    If at least one song doesn’t please you on this tape, you’re just being ridiculous.

  • Banshee

    does “Bronchitis” have a little skip from about 48 seconds into the song for anyone else?

  • lilkandy


  • chris

    camp is not gambino’s best project. if you think it is, your opinion is wrong. yes, your opinion can be wrong.

  • woah


    funny thing is most people agree that camp and culdesac are his best bodies of work, so if you dont agree thats your opinion.

  • Black One

    When Gambino teams up with Ludwig, nothing but magic happens.

  • trufisbak

    “does “Bronchitis” have a little skip from about 48 seconds into the song for anyone else?”


    yeah, it does. kinda pisses me off *lol* hope they come thru w/ a fixed version asap… also the song w/ bun b does have some slight skips, though they seem to be on purpose they annoy me

  • Wonton Soup

    @woah idk dude. I havent seen too many people say Camp was his best work at all. Culdesac is my personal fav. Im just glad he’s still putting out music

  • rd08

    @ANYONE interested

    i kinda look at his Discography like this

    I_Am_Just_a_Rapper tapes were him trynna find “his” voice for rap and trynna find his content

    CULDESAC was Project were he laid all of his creativity and skills on the Table every song had a theme behind it and he delivered on all of them
    CULDESAC was his Best Project In My Opinion thats probably where you should start if you’re trynna see if Gambino is dope are not

    EP was a mini sequel to Culdesac same type of energy just the songs were just released later

    CAMP is his transformation album so its kinda uneven you get some of the “Nerd anthems” you got from early Gambino but then you get songs that are Super Boastful Cocky Swaggy tracks because Don Glover isnt the same Nerd anymore

    ROYALTY seems to a coming out party away for the casual hiphop fan or the “blog fan” that couldnt relate to him b4 to mess with him now

    Gambino said it himself that this is RIDER music and with all the features he wants ppl to see him in the same class and category as Black Hippy and all the other Up & Comers

  • this project may be his best. very solid

  • This shit should be an album honestly…..its Royalty

  • Classic

    does the song Bronchitis fuck up for everyone else on the beginning??!

  • realtalk©

    Camp was nowhere near his best work.. this tape however, is..

    lots of features but they actually make sense and aren’t just on there to ride of people’s hype.. some beats were kinda meh but overall this is dope as fuck..

  • KingMe

    “Groupies lookin like the Yakuza in my Jacuzzi” LOL!
    He’s stepped his flow all the way up

  • nayo

    tina fey had the best verse … she kill that shit…

  • This is officially my favorite Childish project, after culdesac. I liked camp… but I only keep a couple songs from that album in the playlist. I’m keeping most of the songs from this tape in there haha. Tina Fey on the last song was goddamn hilarious

  • Master Lee

    Yes!!! This tape made my entire month!!! Gambino is one of the best out period. Let the haters hate.

  • FactOpinion

    This nigga is a complete mockery of the game… its very few “real ogs” left in the game and they would never let a Actor/screenwriter/COMEDIAN blazay bla get on tracks and talk shit when this kid has always been fortunate… he can rap but hes nowhere near nice or lyrical childish gambino will never be that guy so he just talks like it thru rap music minus the features this is a weed plate

  • J-dub

    Great stuff, was hoping fuck your blog would be on it tho

  • I dont hate it. Im disappointed actually upon first listen. It has none of the soul that Camp, EP, or Culdesac had. Seems like he just wanted to emulate his more popular contemporaries with this project. Again I dont hate it…. I just see myself bumping his other projects ahead of this.

  • DK

    lmao Tina Fey had me dying! “I’m not comfortable!”

  • jfalpha

    Haven’t listened to his stuff in a while .. this better live up to the hype.

  • AirMagicMamba

    Damn Frank Ocean came out I wonder how its gonna affect his career

  • The1nOnlyVI

    Been a Donald Glover fan since he was doing shit on YouTube, but this is the first project by Gambino that I can really fuck with. He’s improved a lot

  • JimmyShoe

    My favorite Gambino project thus far, I feel his production as well. I have never really been a true fan but Ive listen to this dude for a while, great progression. He’s only gonna get better but honestly I wanna see a full length next.

  • yomoms

    somebody holla at donald real quick so we can get a proper version of “bronchitis”!!! the skip annoys the hell out of me!!


    Is it just me or does the track one up seems to go up and down in the volume???

  • Thank Me

    Gambino with that heater… Serious features on this project. For all of the people debating his best work this was FREE. Dopeness. God Bless America. #1776

    Chael Sonnen whoop that Brazilian ass boooooy

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    It a pretty dope tape but I haven’t finished it yet. @Two Face, Yeah I noticed it too, shits kinda annoying.

  • Damn this tape is awesome. Anyone else think Childish is sick with the beats too???

  • John Creasy

    Hard… *pause*

  • Pensive

    I kinda want a version with less of the features and more childish verses.. he pretty much kills everyone on every single track i’ve heard so far. the danny brown song is sick though and of course ab soul goes in

  • Master Lee

    Tina Fey had me dying!!! Too funny. lol

  • The F

    fuck childish gambino. another flash in the pan internet rapper. must be nice to be on TV and be able to afford to buy features for your mixtape to try and be a part of the game. Someone tell this dude that you can’t buy your way into the hip hop culture no matter how many ghostwriters you have on payroll.

  • KeepitRealOG

    It’s truly sad how hard we are on our own people. CG is a good guy, good rapper and a good entertainer. He has more talent than most people on this damn site leaving comments. He gave this to us free and you have the right to complain but damn don’t tear him down. And to the guy saying he is not a true rapper because he had shit before rapping. That shit sounds dumb as hell. He has Bun on here, Ghostface and I’m sure other MC’s are willing to work with him and you wanna know why because he has skills! You don’t have to be from the ghetto or struggle to be a great and credible MC dumbass! Don’t listen if you don’t like it! It’s easy.

  • 0moreno0

    this was a good ass mixtape when RZA started spitting on some old skool beat I thought I was listening to the wrong mixtape

  • SonictheHogans

    Best Mixtape of the Summer so far.

  • Alonso Verdugo

    @rd08 pretty much sums it all up. When you analyze his work, every tape is the best project if you see it for what it is. I’m glad I ain’t the only one who understands that haha. This was his ‘Royalty’ album, his crew album, aka his “this is what we gonna do, this is who we are” album which explains the features. Basically he had his goal set to write an essay on apples, and wrote a hell of an essay on apples. Not oranges [Camp, his “I’m doing me”” album]. Get it?

  • statements from clayton

    I only fucked with a couple songs on camp, but yooo i fux with just about every track and the production is nasty… new summer anthem?

  • Mez

    Gambino wasn’t privileged or fortunate.
    He’s from the projects of Atlanta, not that it matters

  • BananaClipse

    wtf happen to “fuck your blog” and that heems joint?!

  • Master Lee

    @The F The reason Gambino is having success in Hip Hop isnt because he has the money to buy features from his role on the TV show Community, its because he’s a great rapper. Drake used to be a TV actor as well. Did that affect him on the mic lyrically? You sound retarded. A lot of people are talented in many art forms. Dont hold it against Donald Glover that he’s talented enough to do everything he sets his mind too. You only sound like a hater when you judge someone like that. This and Joey’s tape are the best mixtapes of the year by far.

  • Kanye East

    Arrangement – sampled from the Shyamalan film “Signs.” Nice choice…

  • Fuck Yeah! Royalty!

    Fuck Yeah! Royalty!

  • Meh

    Played it for more than a day and I’ve come to the conclusion that this mixtape FUCKING BANGS! His best work followed by Camp and EP.

  • JaySole

    Great mixtape!!! Where is that heems joint??

  • Turtle

    I wanted this to be awesome. It’s not. Sorry. I won’t remember much of this past tomorrow night. ALL of the best moments on this mixtape are not created by Gambino (best: Ab-Soul, RZA, Tina Fey, Ludwig, Beck). There really isn’t anything that is super interesting or new about this. I have heard this whole tape and just want to re-listen to some old Gambino songs. This does not feel like I, it feels like WE. But it sounds like a kinda lame WE.

  • mixtape of the year, better than most niggas albums, you don’t like get AIDs phaggot

  • highlife

    been a bino fan, this is crazy. shits on camp. twice.

  • dave

    my wifey kilo kish is on it.chance the rapper killed it omg and ddanny brown

  • ragamuffinkid

    i aint gon lie this shit, 50 cent murders by numbers, and stann smith 2nd @ race america is the 3 best tapes i heard this year so far!

  • Zia Beats

    Check out soundcloud(dot)com/joriguz/you-wanna-know THAT’S THE ORIGINAL BEAT FOR “IT MAY BE GLAMOUR” Get it straight

  • Zia Beats

    I was robbed. Follow me @DrGuz

  • GoDucks

    All the songs that came out before this dropped were fire so why shouldnt the mixtape be the same, love Gambino and cant wait to listen

  • MusicHead

    yall dont know shit smh..every post yall wrong.. this and Culdesac is his best.. CAMP was his worse.. too mainstream & alot of songs made u wanna skip.. but he hd some bangers on there tho.

  • d.

    i’m kinda late.. but damn.. all these features.. wow. solid tape.

  • Sue

    Dont get me wrong this mixtape is really good, but I wanted more Gambino & less everyone else. My favorite song is the one song that is just him, Shoulda Known..I LOVE CHILDISH GAMBINO ever since I heard him at Rock The Bells last year & downloaded all of his music, this is not his best work in my opinion. Culdesac definitely tops this.