• johnnyboy

    Whole group is dope. SchylerChaise my fav tho. His two tapes are great.

  • Chris

    Your crazy lute IS FC GANG..... Everyone else holds their own but their not lute

  • johnnyboy

    I said my fav. Deal wit it.

  • eatshit

    suck a dick, johnnyboy. No homo.

  • 919

    Tracks 2, 5 6, and 10 are a good listen. Love from 919

  • Just My Opinion

    Ry needs his own tape. Anyway, ALL of em did they thing on this. A lot of quality artist's from CHARLOTTE. Don't sleep!

  • http://kaddielak.tumblr.com/ Kaddielak

    very dope tape glad to see some shine coming to the QC 704 Up

  • Canadian bred!

    Only talent I hear is Lute ( shrugs )

  • Cornbread Fed!

    Mannnnnnnnnn shut yo ass up! All of them boys go hard!

  • Noonie

    I don't know if he's apart of the group but Shome is dope. 4th ward bound -- 504

  • http://www.anthonyhamilton.com/


  • ShouShen

    L U T E.

  • MyFiddyCents

    That badge is an absolute rip off of the liverpool football club badge.

  • http://www.foreverfc.com BuGoudi

    not absolute, seeing as LIverpool uses torches, doesnt have a crown nor leaves....a shield is a shield is a shield...plenty of logos use elements from other images. Why not focus on the music and overlook the graphics if they don't fit your ideal.

  • http://jetsfool.tumblr.com d.

    good music & reppin' my city.. i'm proud.