Sole – Another Anti-Capitalist Anthem (Video)

blame it on Shake July 4, 2012

Last night, Sole drew inspiration from Lana Del Rey’s National Anthem and decided to pen another anti-capitalist anthem. Download available here.

  • that_guy

    c’mon y’all. I respect the fact that y’all fuck with the underground, and try to give new artists a chance, but this has no business being presented on any site with a reputable name. Fucking terrible. Dude can’t rap, sound quality is terrible, and video is garbage. Keep fuckin’ with underground artists, but please enforce SOME type of standard when it comes to posting submitted music. this is just awful.

  • Swag Unicorn

    Sole ain’t a new artist, son. Sit down, with your opinions.

  • betterthanthat_guy

    c’mon y’all. I respect the fact that you will play a political hip hop song. Sole is better than 90% of the so called rappers out there, plus instead of typical rapping about what you got, he has a message. Hip hop used to be about changing the world now it is about possessions. the video is cheap the message is not.

  • Druggid

    He’s got a complex subject matter a few dope lyrics and a nice beat, but his flow and awkward bars kinda killed this for me. I’d love to hear some more shit by this guy, just maybe something he took more time on.

  • i wasn’t gonna send this to 2dopeboyz because the video is super low budget and admittedly kinda shitty… then i started seeing other “4th of july videos” coming out today literally with motherfuckers draped in american flags and i couldn’t resist… i just started writing this shit last night… got kinda drunk and started editing a video together after… other “all style/no substance” rappers would lie and call it a “freestyle…” this song was written and recorded in an hour in one take…. its an honor to have my videos posted here on 2dopeboyz, and for those who take the time to listen much respect…. if you don’t resonate with the message in the song thats your right…. its also my right to say capitalism is genocidal and it must be stopped. there is a class war going on, which side are you on?

  • anticon-fakefour-4life

    you people are fags, who dont know real hip hop “yall” he has more to say on one song than most of all the artists have on their albums. underground for life, fuck the haters. mtv polished gangstuhh garbage aint cool anymore, take your gucci shit and your fashion statements and your hoes and bling tooth nonsense and shove it in your asses. open your mind brainwashed people.

  • Chloroform

    Anyone who talks shit on Sole fails to realize that he’s been repping the underground scene for fucking YEARS. While some of his recent material isn’t exactly to my liking, he’s a fucking legend of the underground hip hop scene. So shut the fuck up, educate yourself, and pull your heads out of your asses before you step up and try to bad mouth Sole.

  • imhh1

    sole is dope. fuck the haters


  • fthis

    Sole is an old indie artist who made maybe 2 good songs in his hey day,due to guest appearances and decent production….Never rhymed a single set of 2 bars in his motherfuckin life….I hadnt heard anything new in years and Im pretty disgusted that he still doesnt know how to rhyme…His lyrical content has always been above average..but when you simply write the words down without even rhyming shit,go do some fucking spoken poetry then asshole. THATS your lane. DONE.

  • SpikeyJamez

    2Dopeboyz’ listeners are mentally challenged that this is nothing new. First they said Aesop Rock is ASAP ROCKY wannabe and now they call Sole a weak upcoming MC. Tim Holland has been repping the genre for more than a decade and kids in this site has little to no education whatsoever about the independent rap scene. Is an utter shame.

  • paintincolorado

    sole is the shit! you all who are hating are to stupid to understand what he is saying, and don’t deserve to hear it go back to banging chris brown and other dumb shit. or better yet go back to watching that wack ass channel called mtv. idiots.

  • keniekerms

    Yeah, Sole isn’t new, idiot. If you don’t know about Anticon then you don’t know shit about Underground. That being said, Sole has lost me over the last few albums. He gave up on paying any attention to cadence and hid rhymes have gotten lazy. “Live from Rome” seems to be the last album he gave a shit about. Not asking for pop-friendly but that shit is barely ear-friendly.

  • adultsaretalking

    I can’t believe haters are actually acknowledging Sole’s above average lyrical content, but still saying things like he’s never written a good song or rhymed 2 bars in his life. You need to familiarize yourself with Sole’s work and appreciate the style. Check out I Don’t Rap in Bumberstickers on Bottle of Humans (anticon, 2000) or Plutonium on Selling Live Water (anticon, 2003). Another Anti Capitalist Anthem might not be Sole’s best shit… I agree it sounds poorly produced. But seriously, Sole has put out more dope songs in the last year alone (never mind the last decade) than most dudes will their whole lives AND he delivers a real message. Some people just want to hate but he deserves his spot here regardless…

  • darryl


  • Youallabunchalames

    I don’t care whether Sole, ASAP Rocky or Aesop Rock spit this or whether it was recorded in Baseline Studios or his nephews basement, this just doesn’t sound all that good to me.. I definitely applaud him for having actual content in his lyrics but the flow is lacking, his voice doesn’t like he even wants to rap and the beat is kinda bland.

    And I’m not even a Drake or Rick Ross kinda fan before you fags call me that (2dbz commenters love to generalize).. my favorite rappers would be Fashawn, Mos Def, Oddisee and Kendrick. So there you have it – a ‘negative’ opinion in the c-section that’s not just hate!

  • Youallabunchalames

    I can’t even front, the fact that one negative response brought out his whole team of blog commenters amused me tho..

  • Jessica

    Sole has something to say opposed to mac miller

  • realtalk©

    WTF you talking about, Mac Miller gets mad hate on here.. no one brought up Mac Miller anyway?

  • urbanwiktionary

    this guy is pretty a white, politically charged lil b.

  • ThrillMurray

    The dopest Sole track IMO is Bottle of Humans

  • the sole joint thats on the indecline video is dope.