Supastition Announces New Album

blame it on Shake July 4, 2012

Earlier today I was just expressing how The Williams (with Nicolay on the beat) is criminally slept on. Now, news breaks that Supa is gearing up for a new album? Super dope. And while no “real” details have been revealed, Supastition penned a letter to his fans explaining what’s up. Hit the jump for the full write up.

“After a two year sabbatical and recording 40-something songs only for my own listening pleasure…. I guess, I still have something left to say after all. After years of reluctance about releasing music again, I can honestly thank one acclaimed, yet elusive, producer for lighting a fire under me again. We both felt stagnant with the music we were creating for years with other people. We decided to create a brand new entity to express ourselves. One emcee + one producer = one hell of a concept album. A definitive concept album where every single song follows the story. As you know with songs like A Baby Story, I have a sick sense of storytelling, so don’t expect anything remotely close to being… normal. More on that later though. We both agreed to finish the album first before we shared any of the major details about it.”

“I’d like to thank every single person who continued listening to my music (whether it was just one song or every song in my catalog) during my self-imposed exile from music. The emails and messages never stopped coming in and some of them reached me on days when I probably needed to hear it most. I’d also like to thank my manager, Sav, for stepping up and putting a lot of things into perspective for me. I’ve learned some hard lessons over the past few years about family, genuine friends, business, religion, and just accepting reality. In closing, I just want to extend my gratitude and appreciation to all of those who have supported me in any way. Much love” – Supastition

Thoughts on who the producer is going to be?

  • hillydilly


  • Jack Purcell

    shoutouts to him but Stann Smith just came out with his new mixtape Called 2nd @ Race America today and we on that!!!

  • you

    Thought he changed his rap name to Kam Moye

  • graFFIck

    Ohhhhhhhhhh snap, The Williams was one of my fav jawns from that True Notes project…and yeah, isn’t he Kam Moye??? I know a couple of years ago he had a dope jawn called “Step By Step” under the Kam Moye moniker.

  • david

    my guess is oddisee, hopefully i’m right

  • Dip

    One of the most under-rated spitters out. Chain Letters was one of the best albums of its decade.

    Oddisee would be incredible but I have a feeling Supa might have overplayed his hand by turning this producer into a mystery of sorts. Whoever it is won’t live up to the speculation – if they did, he would have name-dropped by now.

    Nobody else can bring out of this dude what M-Phazes can. Although I’d love to see Kev Brown try…

  • Heard about him coming back a couple weeks ago……cannot wait for the new album.

  • Stefan 136

    Fuckin’ awesome. Been a huge fan since the Black Mel days and was sad to hear Supa quit music. New concept album sounds dope. Good news for hip hop!

  • The key word is elusive…been trying to guess who the producer is…

    Great news

  • Vee

    He will always be Kam Moye….that’s his real name fyi. Who cares which name he goes under? I’m just glad he’s back.

  • Ricki Lutes

    i’m excited for this!