• Jamel

    Now this is dope

  • DBS

    This artwork >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fif's artwork.

  • Fuckthesefemaledogs

    Any real hiphoppers, be sure to cop Stann Smith new tape , 2nd @ Race America!

  • Richie Bundles

    shit's refreshing...

  • Numba7

    I liked the cold winters joint a lot, if it's anything like that project, i'll be all about it. Dope song, kinda short tho.

  • p.dot

    this is what you call hip-hop! the sax in the background sounds Dope as fuck!

  • http://sladewilson.wordpress.com Sladewilson

    I still rock Cold Winters on the iPod, so I'm definitely coppin this when it drops. Sax kills in the background...

  • http://higherclassclothing.com godleehcc


  • dopemove

    feelin' this joint. a lot actually. thanks guys.

  • loosekicks

    I was sent here by swerve916. dope song swerve, can't wait for the whole thing. dope site too, bookmarking this place for sure.

  • city of trees

    Sac Town stand up!!!