• ChloeChlo

    Im so proud of yall..def came a long way from doing the talent shows at Brooklyn Public Library. EAST NEW YORK supports yall 100%. Xoxo keep yup the good work. ~ Work Hard_Live Well~

  • SableAlexis7

    I cant wait to see you guys do even bigger things. Team ILLest got talent.

  • http://www.dirtysoufyankee.com DirtySoufYankee

    wuuuuuuuu!!!!! #TeamiLLest #DestroyEverything

  • lilly

    whoop whoop, you all are on your way!!!! keep working hard and grinding. you all are going far great job

  • Darci

    I love AGT becaUse it gives groups likE y'all to shine!!! Keep it going, I can't wait to see more!

  • The Salem Sinner Sixx

    These guys are as real as they come. So refreshing to hear something so new and original. These guys are the next big thing. Supporter and fan for life.