Yelawolf – Heart Of Dixie (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake July 4, 2012

As promised, Yelawolf teams up with DJ Frank White and producer M-16 for his latest project. Tracklist/download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Yelawolf – Heart Of Dixie

  • Yelawolf is giving Alabama some shine. Roll Tide!

  • Hell yeah. Yelawolf is the shit. His major release I wasn’t feeling that much, but there was a few cool joints on there. I understand he was going for more radio oriented tracks. Hopefully he goes back to the 0-60 sound. I really wish that was his major release. Can’t wait to hear this.

  • heuierhui

    stupid corny whiteboys stfu yelawolf is TRASH

  • Mike

    Yelawolf is the Heart of dixie, dope cover.

  • Heisman

    “stupid corny whiteboys”
    Have fun being a close-minded idiot your whole life. You’re the moron commenting on a post regarding an artist you don’t listen to. The joke’s on you. What a jabroni!

  • Fuckthesefemaledogs

    Ok so first Stann drops 2nd @ Race America , then Gambino Drops Royalty, Now Yela Drops H.O.D A Day For Real Hip-Hop!

  • jace

    This Stann nigga really needs to stop promoting his bullshit all over this site.

  • johnnyboy

    Cant ever really get into Yelawolf

    Don’t like, but won’t click NOPE because its just my taste

  • that’s cake.

  • dboss

    99% chance heuierhui is white himself….

  • zed06


  • Sweet

    Quality is crap!

  • DBS

    128kbps and super low volume, sounds like dope music but I can’t listen to this quality.

  • will


  • RSX

    I will say, Whiteboy Shit is the worst song on the tape.

    This tape is fairly underwhelming though. As a fan who has already seen Yelawolf twice in concert (only artist I’ve seen live in concert more than once), I can definitely say this is his worst post-Trunk Muzik work.

  • seany

    y does he diss eminem the king of rap.. now i dnt like him

  • trufisbak

    WORD @ DBS

  • Wonton Soup

    cosign RSX. This just sounds like a less radio friendly version of Radioactive to me. The mix quality is horrible as well.

  • coop

    front and back artwork are exactly the same just different text.

  • syeren

    What the hell is with the volume of the damn music? The DJ tags are full volume, then the actual music is 50% of the full volume.

  • Brandon M

    this shit is dope,and he wasn’t dissing Marshall, white boy rap is here to stay! holler