• nathaniel

    Phony Ppl are going to blow up so hard. Called this since the young nyc talent show last summer

  • wow

    dymez is sorry cuh.. he was king of the blocc a few years bacc. now he doin some weird rnb shit.. cuh soft. you cant hide from yo ugly snow hat mac background dayz cuz. stopp itt

  • Victoria

    Phony PPL makes BEAUTIFUL music. Totally respect it.

  • http://twitter.com/hometownthehero hometown88

    imma fan HOMETOWN HERO said that... Tampa, FL ALL DAY

  • Lotlan

    Ay that's how you feel then cool, but to me it just sounds like Dymez has matured. He might make a catchy radio type joint every now and then but he's still cold wit the flow tho. He just put out a joint last week on youtube (Fly Young Gentlemen) that's dumb hot.