• IS34

    I Am sO happy that Premo not died.

    all haters can suck ....

  • DBS

    This right here is what I live for. Classic Hip Hop.

  • jonnyp

    This is dope

  • Walnuts

    i think DJ Premier is Christ resurrected, but this beat? nah

  • batman

    WHY in the world do people censor street records? I'll never understand.

    I do have to disagree about the beat, tho. That shit's clean as fuck.

  • Fuck off

    Hey Walnuts, eat a bag of dicks...If you're actually a Preemo fan, then how in the world of you mother blows strangers does this beat suck??

  • Meh

    Hell beat even made joe listenable. He's sucked for years...

  • http://www.scbonkers.com scbonkers.com

    Dope beat. Premo is a beast!

  • Walnuts

    Compare this beat to the last time m.o.p and joe crack were on a premo track - 'who got gunz' off "the ownerz"
    That track hit so much fuckin harder than this half ass joint, and your delusional if you think otherwise.
    Premo is god, and I know this is sacreligious, but he's fallen off the last couple years (with exceptions).