• dave chappelle

    FUCK YEAH. So dope. This is why hes a legend ladies and gents. 2DOPE

  • ty law

    My #1 favorite rapper in the world. Life is good is gearing up to be a classic album.

  • http://ibelieveinz.com Z

    It was great to work with a legend. Follow the band Z on twitter if you want to know more about the band @ibelieveinz or @Ztheband. Front man, Eddie Cole, is also the nephew of Nat King Cole

  • who cares

    Finding it hard not to listen to all these new tracks that are leaking

  • dirk

    I saw it live, bitches!

  • florian__14

    I was here too, dope !

  • William

    Might as well leak the whole album before release, why don't you!!!

  • FakirWise

    ^ Talk to Nas' people about that.
    Besides, this is a live version....think about it for a minute.

  • CHRS

    This shit needs to leak i cant wait anymore lol