Nas – Bye Baby (prod. Salaam Remi & Noah “40” Shebib)

blame it on Illy July 9, 2012

Nas opens up on his marraige to Kelis on the closing number from his upcoming Life is Good album out July 17. Shouts to Pitchfork.

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  • Fitz


  • babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



  • who cares

    I stopped listening to new songs after Loco-Motive. I feel I’ve heard enough until the album drops, don’t want to ruin the whole experience

  • Akademik

    Co-sign Notorious! Nas is a grown folks MC. He has a way of spitting that can be venomous, yet still come off smooth. I feel a change in the air as far as rapping goes. People are tired of rappers just saying anything, and never really putting nice sentences together. The more real MC’s put out joints like this, the light get’s dimmer on those cookie cutter rappers. Big up’s to Nas, Large Pro, Show and AG, Freddie Foxx and all the true school MC’s who give us hope for this music we love so much. Also, rest in peace to one of the coldest MC’s to ever rep the West Coast, KMG from Above The Law who passed away this past weekend. Cop that Black Superman to hear what I mean. One love…

  • shot clock

    @who cares. i stopped listening after daughter, there’s like 7 tracks that leaked, internet make shit better but it be funking up album real releases. niggas hear the whole album a week or 2 before it comes out (officially). im still expecting this to be a good project. i just want the shit to be fresh to my ears and mind, embrace myself in the nostalgia of it

  • profoundpro

    This, Loco-Motive, Daughters, Cherry Wine… this album is gonna be flames.

  • qwg

    the nostalgia of what?

  • Mike

    Nas is smart to make a track like this, his cover is cool, Glad he opened up about it, Nas real recognize real.

  • Dub Smooth

    damn real ass track

  • Dashboard

    That last verse was directed to me

  • Maga D

    oh wow, I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, I’m buying this shit opening day, nothin but ill.

  • jamie

    nas stay killin everyone
    nas = your favourite mc’s favourite mc

  • Bobby Bats

    This sounds like it;s shaping up to be album of the year…Nas = GOAT

  • Pops

    Been copping off iTunes the past couple of years but I want that feel of walking up in Best Buy and copping the physical cd with this one. From the tracks I’ve heard so far, it sounds like this might be one of THOSE albums, if you know what I mean.

  • Dwann

    Dopeness. This & daughters? He’s putting in quality work.

  • 2

    waiting for the album release

  • Nas Sucks

    nigga boring af

  • BDP

    ^ he probably was sucking all over your moms pussy and tits. that’s why your mad.

  • Nasty

    soooo many leaks!!!

  • Nas Sucks

    @BDP momma jokes? really tho? onto more factual info, this tool ass nigga is whoring himself for features, even a corny ass cameo in nicki’s vid to pay for child support. his voice/flow is also boring as shit. now hit me with some corny comeback that holds no weight. i could use another laugh.

  • jul

    ^^^^ ngga do YOU rapp or even know the art of it? bet u sound corny sayin “yo, yo”

  • FakirWise

    ^ Yet you still check posts with his music…

  • Cam

    5 people must of hit “nope'” on accident

  • Raiders4Life

    ^Leave those YouTube-type comments off of here.

  • Alexander Stewart

    Damn this shit was mad real Nas is the truth

  • BDP

    Jealous? Sounds like your hating on his shine. You’ll listen to the album all the way through 20 times the first week it is out.

  • Nas Sucks

    @jul you mad?

  • Nas Sucks

    @FakirWise checking for improvement of course

  • jjj

    ^ this is what we do tho like go in on niggas trying to get bread off of something they love tho? And keep us musically satisfied.

  • Nas Sucks

    ^ no, this is not what we do. we simply express our opinions. i’m sure there are alot of artists that love what they do, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their good at what they do. with that said, i approve of nas’s lyrics, but his flow/voice puts me to sleep.

  • jjj

    How you go to sleep when you hear made you look and street dreams and etc. that’s like saying I fall asleep to prince

  • jjj

    But what a great way to show your opinion by stating your name as Nas Sucks I’m glad I kno so much about you

  • FakirWise

    So the rapper who makes everyone step their rhymes up, that everyone wants on their projects, that every producer want to produce for is boring?

    Aside from Jim Jones, Cam’ron, 50 Cent and commentators who claim they don’t like Nas; who would agree with this guy (Nas Sucks)?

  • FakirWise

    More importantly, where are the usual “stop working with Salaam Remi” comments? or has 40’s contribution made all the difference?

    I could use some time to read a little comical relief.

  • aj

    DUDE, nas is just the greatest alive…HOV cant do this…wayne doesnt go deep enough…OLD eminem was hes just stupid wordplay…jadakiss is the most consistant rapper alive but…….NAS is the greatest alive…his range of work is touchable…and Kendrick will be next

  • MeSonMe

    BEST emcee ever with ease

  • Nas Sucks

    @FakirWise who says he’s the reason rappers step their rhymes up? quit pulling shit out of your ass simply because this fool leaves YOU in awe. it may not be as hot to others, so don’t speak for every rapper who possibly may be under the influence of another. just makes you look like a stan. but then again, your whole aim seems to be siding with popular belief, hence you asking if anyone agrees with me. it’s alright, you’re allowed to have an opinion of your own. bandwagon ass nigga.

  • Nas Sucks

    also, i don’t know of anyone tryna get nas on their shit.

  • FakirWise

    He’s been in the game for 18 years…and you’re still only checking him for improvement yet still only comment in the negative. What exactly are you looking for as far as improvement? Yet I’m on the bandwagon? I like what I like for music, that doesn’t make me a stan. But I do know that when you follow an artist, you pay attention to the business surrounding the artist.

    I know my claim is accurate, as I never speak on things I don’t know about. My question wasn’t based on popular belief, however I know that anyone who also knows anything about what I spoke of wouldn’t speak against it. You however…..

    Waka publically announced it, Premier & Common looking for their joint projects with him, Hell even Tyga got a verse with him. Lil’ Wayne checked for him on Carter IV, Nicki put him on her album and video for a different song. Kanye, Salaam and Primo publically annnounced wanting to produce Life is Good. Frank Ocean with cut contributions for Life is Good. How many rappers can you name that don’t use his off-beat rhyming style in today’s music? How many rappers you know write anything that got them an Emmy?

    In your eyes, I’ll be a stan. In reality, I’m someone who thinks before speaking.

    Get the point?