Danny Brown & araabMUZIK Record “Molly Ringwald” (Video)

blame it on Illy July 10, 2012

Danny Brown and araabMUZIK record their upcoming collabo for “Molly Ringwald” presented by Yours Truly and adidas Originals. “Molly Ringwald” will be released digitally on July 17 with the AA-side single set to release next month on a 7″ vinyl with Joey Bada$$’s “Daily Routine” on the flip side via Yours Truly‘s Love Letters Ink imprint.

  • The F

    Danny Brown makes me sick thinking that people associate this shit with Hip Hop.

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    Is Danny Brown not making money? Fucking fix your teeth. I understand you were homeless but things have changed.

  • Zack

    shut up, The F. if you think this isnt Hiphop. Stop listening b.c you obviously dont know what hiphop is. Danny Brown is dope has fuck.

  • Zack

    Detox, thats his look. I doubt hes going to change it. Just like Nas. It took him years before he decided to fix his tooth.

    Danny brown probably wont ever fix it b.c he could give a fuck.

  • The F

    Zack, wait for your balls to drop before you even start talking about what Hip Hop is and isn’t. Sitting back in a room at your parent’s place smoking a needle-dick sized joint of some dirt weed listening to bullshit like this or Tyler the Creator. You don’t know shit, which means your are ignorant. And since you are ignorant, your opinion doesn’t mean shit.

  • SforMusic

    @TheF y u mad though? dont say someone is shit just because you didnt look at his past work cos by definition dats wat a troll does and trolls aint hiphop soo either go bck n research and at least hate with some knowledge or crawl under the bridge you came from !

  • Zack

    First, Off. Im 28 years old B. And you cant tell me shit about whats Hiphop and whats not. WHo are you to determine what Hiphop is or isnt. Better yet, How aboutyou tell me what makes Danny Brown Music NOT hiphop.

    Cant wait to hear your dumbass explanation. And I dont listen to Tyler The Creator just so we’re clear.

    The fact that you said Danny Brown isnt hiphop means you dont know shit.

  • Mike D

    @TheF Danny Brown is hip hop, you need to get informed before you start talking shit on people, and comparing Danny Brown with Tyler the Creator is just dumb

  • Gf

    @thef go suck a dick and go back to listening to your pink Friday album you don’t know hip hop your favorite rapper is tyga

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Danny Brown is a dope killer, if u dont like then its yo problem u better check out Nicki Minaj

  • kd

    WTF is this “this is hip hop or that is hip hop” BULLSHIT
    Hip Hop is what you want it to be…its not set in stone.

  • The F

    You all listen to some dick in the back of your throat music is all I am saying, no need to lash out.

  • Dietroit

    Danny isnt hip hop? I dont give a fuck who you are, where you are from, Danny is dope as fuck, has his game on point, and if you take a listen to The Hybrid, you will understand that you are not seeing a gimmick or flash in the pan, this dude is on his game.. FUCK THE HATERS. DIETROIT!

  • Zack

    everybody goin on The F haha

  • The F

    Of course no disrespect to araabMUZIK. He is doing what he can to make a buck and still does ill shit outside of this garbage.

    Fuck Detroit. Shit needs to be plowed over and rebuilt. Airlift Black Milk out of there first though (although after that Black and Brown EP I am on the fence with that decision).

    Does Detroit really want shit like this being a representation of their hip hop scene? Some cracked out fuckup who just yells the most inane random bullshit and calls it rap? You guys are just plain dumb. Y’all are so used to hearing just the bullshit of the internet that sometimes winds up here that you’ll cosign for anyone that has some new type of gimmick.

    Gimmick ass rappers disappear of the map soon enough so I am not worried about the hate here. A year from now we will be talking about Danny Brown the same way everyone talks about Guerilla Black.

  • Zack

    Haha. you credibility is zero. b/c of your posts. I hope you realize everyone is going in on you

  • Zack

    youre retarded, son

  • Div

    anyone else giggin out to the dope as beat at the beginning? wonder if there is anyone songs with that

  • $$$

    Danny Brown aight. He should use his talking flow more often though; it’s dope.

  • chuck

    The F, have you ever listened to XXX? I didnt really care for Danny Brown either until I sat down and lsitened to that album.

    Hip Hops different to everyone. Dont be acting like some elitist because someone isnt into the same artists as you. Grow up. People like different shit. Damn.

  • Diggie

    Grab Jon Connor before you plow Detroit over bro…

  • AQ

    now this bitch told me I need my teeth fixed, I said nah hoe that’s perfect for lickin clits.

  • theKid

    fab never fixed his tooth nd ya’ll stopped bitching about it. You got some issues as a man if all youre concerned about is danny browns tooth nd look. DANNY BROWN IS A DOPE ARTIST WHO DOESNT SPIT WEAK BARS LIKE MOST CATS. eff wit his music or dont but dont be gay and judge this mans looks.

  • theKid

    ps, ya’ll aint doing better than danny brown so why pass negative judgement. clearly you cant rap better than nor do you look good enough to get any kind of recognition over this ‘toothless crackhead’ . if you were any better than ol boy youd be the one on these videos nah ?

  • Hangman

    I’ve listened to everything his stans have told me to listen to, and I’ve still never come across a Danny Brown track that I actually liked. But this one looks like it has some potential.

  • Chris

    i’m with Div. I wanna hear that intro beat blasting on my system.

  • LOL @ all the stupid niggers being troll’d by The F… you guys hella slow.

  • NYdreams

    the type of niggas that judge danny brown cause of his teeth are the same niggas that listen to rappers just because of the way they dress yall the type of niggas that only listen to niggas that rock gucci and polo and shit… fuck outta here
    this aint no fashion contest this is hip hop nigga

  • cpimplistenhere

    i feel sorry for any hip hop fan out there who can’t appreciate Danny Brown. Quit your bitching and pick up triple x and then turn that volume up. He’s more than capable of taking on ANY rapper out there. for real though.