• adi Pre

    Cudi's a fucking G, nothing more nothing less.

  • dre

    Jaden? huh?

  • Herp Derp

    Aww man, can't wait for a collab with K.Dot.

  • james dean

    sooo pretty much the usual suspects right MesCudi?

  • Willard Smith

    I fuckin HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE thats not JADEN SMITH. Please God, NOOO!

  • them14keysrighttheir

    big fan of cudi. but i feel like less is more when it comes to features specially when it comes to cudi albums. but cudi never disappoints i just want another man on the moon album. with solid tracks. but will see.

  • sto


  • As-Hole

    I could already feel the dopeness frm the k-dot track. he should do a song with Ab-Soul, schoolboy and/or johnny fuckin polygon for the album.

    i'm sure noone wants to hear him rap with jaden smith nevertheless still lookin forward to indicud

  • Ohkissmysoles

    Kid cudi x MGMT

  • Wu Tang

    Kid Cudi and 50ty / Banks ? gonna be dope

  • unclesam

    Kendrick is fucking doing songs with EVERYBODY nowadays. It´s impossible to deny his skills.

  • J.T.

    The track with Hov might be crazy if it sounds anything like "Already Home." I think having a double album will allow Kid Cudi to go after a new sound.

  • $$$

    Mescudi should do indie rock collabs over hip-hop collabs. Probably just me thinkin' that though.

  • wackness

    Thank god no 2 Chainz

  • realtalk©

    cudder bout to drop a classic

  • shut yo mouf

    *Azealia Banks?

  • f

    i saw a picture of him and wiz in the studio or maybe he is shelving that

  • Marr

    this is gonna be a classic, havent been this stoked on an album in a minute. Still hope that MOTM3 happens tho

  • kdotwho?hayesdashit

    hayes - no one knows

  • http://www.myspace.com/TheMaynardBros Robbie Maynard The III

    Cage is gonna kick his mothaforking arse on a track. You heard it here first, beeches. Whut Whut Whut Whut, I am supaThug Why u a supascrub. Yes you son, you crab stop reading my poasts. I am 2dope king. U a 2dope Wang. Holla, City of Squalla. Beeches

  • Chris

    Cudi really don't need feats..really :(

  • cnote

    i dont even like cudi but the plans he has for this record and features should make this a choice album fer sure.