Azealia Banks – Fantasea (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka July 11, 2012

Ms. Banks finally lets loose her latest mixtape via the Twitter. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Azealia Banks – Fantasea (Mixtape) | Alt

  • coolCat

    Nas album>>___________________

  • Lance Geneva

    FINALLY ! Am I the only dopeboy who’s been waiting for this ? I guess.. Azealia is super dope.. Electro beats and double time rhymes galore, Azealia is shitting on everyone ! Oh yeah, she can actually sing ! Too drunk to further vouch for her..

  • what happend hiphop?

    weakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk didnt like nothing on it

  • How da fuck do you download this shit?

  • FakirWise

    I know my sister has been listening to her as of late. Supppose I’ll pick it up and lend my ear while I’m at it.

  • dwo

    Damn… she goes hard on “Esta Noche” and “Salute”!

  • ewgew

    love azealia but these beats are just way too weird yo.

  • EWPI

    that song with the surprise wayne and drake feature is fucking insane. DAMN! WAYNE FUCKING KILLED IT

  • GR

    BACK HALF is fucking NASTY. No joke. Worth the DL.

  • wes

    Don’t know why all these nopes are there, the mixtape is solid. Production is on point, although like @ewgew said maybe it’s just too “weird” for some of yall. If you like azealia you’ll love the tape, if you don’t then this isn’t gonna make you like her any more than before.

  • $$$

    I don’t know. It’s alright. She seems a little too pretentious for me, though I’m trying not to judge.

  • outcast

    the dope/nope ratio means as much as these c-sections. full of the same prejudice people. ready to throw shit under the bus if it dont fit. outkasts arent welcome here and yet, this little community sees themselves as the outkasts.

  • Peaceloveandmo

    @outcast Real spit

  • cessy


  • ivy

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  • DaTruth

    Rapsody will kill all these wacky bitches lets be real.. smh whats wrong with this homo world that has to be a cartoon for records to sell .. .. again lets be real this is wack

  • bigbraggaz

    @outcast real talk

  • Fred Cliston

    I’d tear that pussy up yo

  • Stephanie

    Shystie! Haven’t heard from that bitch in forever! Juiced!

  • Jus Sayin

    @EWPI What song has those Wayne and Drake features?

  • Fred Cliston

    Word is bond I’d wear Azealia Banks cunt as a hat, nam’sayin, bet that na na tastes like gooseberrys

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  • johnnyboy

    azealia banks is just horrible. you all defending her dumb

  • naoshad

    them kids in london will go bananas for this shit. her production been on some garage bashment tip

  • tine

    she can rap better than alot of these Dudes they be posting on this site .. and if u dont agree ur just a hater … L8R , NATHAN she really rapping .

  • Jay

    How can you deny an AMAZING flow and a ridiculous/experimental taste in beats AND a good, unique singing voice?

    How a site named after Outkast gonna hate something as ALIEN as this?

  • edog

    ^the visitors didn’t name the site so that makes no sense..

    and for everyone else, stop trying to come up with theories why people don’t like this for reason other than the music itself.. stop labeling people that don’t like it as haters.. everyone has their own taste

    why everyone gotta be either a hater or a dickrider nowadays.. people with different opinions aren’t accepted anymore you either gotta hate or love shit, no in between..

  • Ashley Naomi

    Azealia Banks is my girl. Finally, a female artist that knows production value, not just fame. Her music is just on point. Everything, to the crazy lyrics to the insane house beats she throws in every once in a while. And its not this “radio” type of music where you can sing it at fuckin’ Disneyland. Her music is just so UNF.