Lord Finesse Sues Mac Miller, Mac Responds

blame it on Shake July 11, 2012

For those of you that have been following Mac Miller for longer than his debut album, will probably remember Kool-Aid and Frozen Pizza. A track off his K.I.D.S. mixtape that sampled Lord Finesse’s Hip 2 Da Game. Well.. it looks like the unauthorized sample might cost the Pittsburgh kid $10 Million as Finesse has filed a lawsuit. After hearing of the actions taken against him, Mac took to Twitter to express his thoughts.

I’m supposed to be on hush but lemme speak on this real quick. 1. I made that record and video as nothing more than an 18 year old kid who wanted to rhyme and pay homage, no other intentions. 2. Finesse and I spoke on the phone for an hour after he heard the record and cleared the air. We even planned to work on music together. 3. All I wanted to do is shed light on a generation that inspired me. 4. When I heard there was a problem, I reached out to him to try and solve it. No response. 5. Finesse never cleared the Oscar Peterson sample on the original record. I did nothing wrong. We spoke on the phone had a good conversation, he was cool with the record. It’s all love tho. I ain’t even mad at dude. He still a legend. Lord Finesse, thank you for what u did for hip hop. Thank you for bringing my favorite rapper into the game. I should just drop some new music.

This morning Finesse jumped on his Twitter and gave his response as well.

1. I appreciate Mac’s kind words but his people did not handle his business correctly. 2. Basics – Mixtapes are one thing, but you can’t take someone’s else’s entire song, shoot a music video and call it your own. 3. Mac’s on the top of his game right now. I wish him the best in Europe and I hope to hear from him besides on Twitter.

The last mention leaves light that things could possibly be worked out IMO but we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • I know the Lord Fin is a legend and all but does he really not notice Mac didn’t violate in anyway? His points aren’t valid either way. Mac never sold it for commercial purposes therefore it’s not breaching any permission.

    I mean in this case Lil Wayne would could be sued for a billion.

  • So if Lord Finesse didn’t clear the original sample, and Mac didn’t release “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” commercially, what’s the gripe?

    Sounds like Finesse is just trying to squeeze money/attention out of this young dude. And that’s a shame.

  • RealWeak

    Who care’s

    Mac Miller will never drop any classic albums & doesn’t do anything for the Hip Hop Culture so in other words YYYYYYYYYYY AAAAAAAAAA WWWWWWWWW NNNNNNNNNNN !!!!

  • YepYou’reRealWeak

    ^shut up.. not a mac fan myself either, but just because you don’t like mac it doesn’t mean he won’t contribute to hip hop culture.. matter of fact he is already doing so.. eat a dick

  • J.T.

    Im not a Mac Miller fan at all but I cant help but feel sorry for the guy. I really believe that he just wanted to pay homage to a legend. I hope this lawsuit gets dropped. At least Mac tried to reach out to Finesse.

  • So Mac Miller can get paid to perform said song, and the guy who produced it shouldn’t get paid? Yeah, you new rap fans/groupies suck.

  • who cares

    I’ve never hid my distaste for Mac Miller, but this is straight retarded. As others have said he never sold it for commercial purposes, so therefore Finesse has no valid argument.

  • who cares

    @Turbo City – MC’s have been performing live freestyles/free-verses over other people beats for years. This is nothing new.

  • marty mcfly

    I doubt that whoever Lord Finesse sampled for his song back n the day tried to sue him for 10 million. I get why he would be a little mad but he of all people should know that almost everybody in hop hop is rapping over other peoples shit in one way or another. Mac wasn’t trying to shit on Lord Finesse by making the song so let these young cats be successful as long as they do it respectfully. If Lord wants some paper then reach out to Mac and stop running to court every time its a problem with production in hip hop between producers and artists.

  • jpar

    His gripe is, Mac used Hip to Da Game, to co-sign himself. Did he reach back and give him a song placement on his last release? Did he record a verse for Lord Finesse, so he could release a single to feature them together . Before it got pulled down, it had over 500,000 views. Did Finesse eat off those views. After 10 years u can’t sue for sample use.

  • Who cares if it’s nothing new? Obviously, Lord Finesse cares, and wants to be compensated for his work. I also find it funny how MM throws it out there that the original sample wasn’t cleared. Well, you didn’t rap over the original sample. You rapped over the instrumental that Lord Finesse created using that sample. He could have had someone try to remake that beat, and use their own drums and bassline. He didn’t, so he should kick the real producer some loot. Especially if it’s a song that helped you get on. Lord Finesse said fuck paying homage…just pay.

  • Yatti

    Not and doubt Ill ever be a Mac Miller fan but it’s funny how dude never tried to sue him before Mac really became known. When Mac became more known and has more money dummy wanna sue. Dude just wants money that’s all it is at the end of the day.

  • wackness

    @jpar…I mean Mac didn’t have any features on his debut album, so no Finesse wasn’t there, but I wouldn’t say that he was selling out over other people’s instrumentals.

    I don’t know. I think this is some real thirsty and pathetic shit right here. Finesse should let this go. I don’t understand how he can be acting all cool on Twitter and still put out to sue for $10 million, that’s not joke money.

  • f12

    im a big lord finesse fan. and never really got into anything mac has done. but beyond their music, i am very unimpressed with finesse’s move and pretty impressed with miller’s response.

  • Finesse sees the cash grab. Rapping on other people’s beats is part of the culture. Mac used it to build buzz but like he said, it was also to show love and lead people to Finesse. Very disrespectful thing to do to Mac from someone who should understand how this stuff goes.

  • DuKe Jasper

    I dont know how Lord Finesse’s argument will hold water in court. Mac didn’t use the beat commercially, it was released on a non-profit mixtape. Maybe Finesse is pissed that he didn’t put his name in the credits of Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza at least mentioning that “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” is over Lord Finesse’s “Hip to Da Game”. I take it that Finesse is struggling financially and wants some reparations.

  • who cares

    @Turbo City – did you just get into Hip Hip yesterday? Jackin’ For Beats is something that’s been used since the very beginning. He doesn’t need to “kick the real producer some loot” He didn’t sell the music, he released it for free. As I said I don’t like Mac, but Finesse has no ground in this lawsuit.

  • make some new music and get your own paper finesse,,,

    has kanye sued people for spittin over JAYZ beats? no. has mobb deep sued people over spittin over shook ones? no. has cookin’ soul sued people for using their beats? NO. has Premo? to my knowledge, NO. to me it sounds like finesse is running out of DITC money so he had to pick on a lil kid who put this version of the song out on a FREE MIXTAPE, took money out his OWN POCKET to shoot a video that doesnt bring any money back but strictly just to give a visual. now i would understand if it was put on a album and sold for profit, but the kid did it for free man. just cuz you been out the game for years and running outta money dont go lerkin at some young guns paper, especially when they look up to you, respect the shit outta you, and pay homage to you. plus the kid barely worth over a couple M’s how the fuck finesse think he going to get paid 10? and the fact that finesse never cleared the sample in the first place? GTFO here, i love finesse music and production but wtf, finesse soundin salty as a mother fucker.

  • YouGots2Chill

    PAY HOMAGE! Give a shout out on the song.If Lupe shouted out Pete Rock & CL Smooth at the begining of his joint then there wouldnt be any problems.Know where the shit comes from cause if definately paved the way for wack miller.

  • will

    So anytime someone spits over Preem or Dilla or Pete, they get sued? GTFO

  • We aren’t talking about “Jackin’ For Beats”. We’re talking about “Hip 2 Da Game”, and the dude who produced it has a problem with it being used without his permission. And how are you going to give out something for free, that isn’t yours? Most producers don’t care that their shit gets used on mixtapes….this one does. I don’t care what his motivation is, if he wants to get paid for something he helped create, then more power to him. He probably won’t win, but all this talking down on a Hip-Hop legend is ridiculous.

  • Pops

    Lord Finesse is looking like an old sucker who needs money right now. I say that as someone who doesn’t have more than a handful of Mac Miller tracks in my library.

  • Why does everyone commenting against Lord Finesse have to qualify their statement by saying, “I’m no fan of Mac Miller, but…” or “I’m a huge fan of Lord Finesse, but…”. Suspect.

  • toochainz

    yea dudes are very disrespectful on here. preme has sued niggas along with countless other producers how copyright there beats. At the end of the day, you want to get paid for your art/craft.

    Mac has his and so does Finesse. The later wants to get paid.

  • Shy

    dead at you idiots that think filing a lawsuit takes a few minutes.

  • Pops

    Personally, I clarified that I’m not a huge Mac Miller fan because the first person who doesn’t is immediately hit with the whole “Wack Miller groupie, yadda yadda yadda” ignorance.

    Also, hopefully Jay-Z doesn’t sue you for your blatant ripoff of the layout of Life & Times site you used for your “blog”.

  • Yo

    Right.. I don’t care whether or not Mac Miller is a cool dude or whatever. Although he never sold the song itself, he has benefitted financially from the promo, live shows, etc… Lord Finesse has done a LOT for the culture. So show him the respect he deserves, and don’t act like he ain’t still around.

  • Jay-Z can sue Blogger. Thanks for checking, though.

  • M0ns!er

    I hate Mac but let’s be honest. He is an old greedy bitch smelling the big money he never made. Hope Mac wins this…

  • nice

    Ok I agree with mac . It will come down to weather he made money from touring on the song. If he toured of the mixtape then he made a profit of the song which he can recoup but if he didn’t I don’t think it will stand up in court.

  • dee1

    this nigga need to stop touchin classics cuz you aint worthy

  • Jtron

    It’s possible that Mac made money off having the video on Youtube actually.

  • nito

    its retarded cause you know half these producers who are taking legal action wouldn’t be shit without sampling and im sure they don’t or didn’t pay a dime to the original artists either.

  • I just ran through the comments & noticed something about not giving credit…it’s clearly says “Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza [prod. Lord Finesse]” on the tracklist. I’m not taking sides on this one, just putting out there that it does have Lord’s name in the credits.

    If they spoke about it & Lord didn’t say anything rejecting the use of the beat, then I don’t see the problem. I love the beat, like Mac’s song.

    I don’t like that Mac threw the part in about Lord not clearing the original sample. Kind of unnecessary after saying you don’t have ill will towards him. But, Lord didn’t go at him for it, which was cool.

    I think it can be resolved amongst the two, not in court.

  • marty mcfly

    Lord Finesse never payed homage to who he sampled for the song, he didnt even clear the shit. Yet he waits until he thinks Mac got ten million dollars before he sues for something Mac didnt even get paid for himself. The song was given away for free the same way it is when an artist freestyles over someone elses beat on the radio and then people download the mp3. None of you really know if anybody ever paid Mac to perform specifically that song over that beat. Yeah you can say Finesse has a right to be mad because it was his beat but he still on some bitch shit because people been doing this shit for about 20 years now. Its probably 50 rappers that have rhymed on a Lord Finesse beat at this point. He know the game already its nothing new.

  • marty mcfly

    And yes im a fan of Mac and dont give a fuck because song for song he has put up better records then SOME rappers that get a bunch of hype for gimmicky bullshit records with weak rhymes.

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    @Turbo City you’re just a Old Ass Hip-Hop Head stuck in the past, when has it been illegal for an artist to use a beat for free, how dumb do you sound, almost every mixtape released since 2000 has other instrumental’s in them, such as every mixtape Wayne put out, 50 Cent’s 1st mixtape, Nicki’s 3 mixtapes, Drake earlier tapes, Wale’s first 2 tapes, Meek Mill’s tapes, & etc., it’s a part of the game, and if you don’t know sit your old ass down, a learn how the game goes.

  • Thinks calling me old is some sort of insult. Only in Hip-Hop do young people tell the elders to get out the game. If some new Rock band did a cover of a Beatles song without permission, and got sued you’d never hear Rock fans call Paul McCartney a “hater”, and tell him to “sit his old ass down”. You dudes are what’s wrong with Hip-Hop today.

  • jojoba

    I hope everyone here realizes that this could be a huge precedent setting case and COULD CHANGE everything in hip hop right now basically everyone sees mixtapes as untouchable because they are not sued but if Finesse wins then that would mean no more unathurizes samples on mixtapes which would also mean that most mixtapes could be pulled. Also that would mean that new heads wouldnt just be able to jump on someone elses beat and put it on a free mix.

  • @turbo city … wrong homie but ill let the case getting thrown out speak for itself….as for rock, you or anyone else wanna hear a new paul mcartney (insert any old rock ma fuckas) album? nah didn’t think so…they don’t get pushed out they’re just not relevant anymore….jigga a billion years old (in rap years) and dre been at it forever, no ones pushing them out? your argument got holes all over the place…

  • jabatheslut

    Let me present my 2 cents here real quick. We all realize that his video for that Kool Aid song got over 20 million views, right? And I’m more than certain Mac or his label is getting paid from Youtube for a percentage of those hits, right? You think Finesse has seen a dime from that? No. Also, I have no idea regarding the relationship between Smith Black and Mac Miller, but the single is being sold on Amazon, so someone is pocketing that. And what about when Mac is touring and performing the song? It’d be one thing if he’s at least acknowledging Lord Finesse, but I doubt it. This kid is too strung out on Big L’s dick. Respect the ones that paved the way for you. ESPECIALLY if you’re white.

  • Livewire

    @jojobaba: I think that would be great. Mixtapes are not what they used to be. I’d be more than happy to see rappers come out with innovative/original shit as opposed to a collection of half assed songs over other peoples beats. The fact that I can only name 5 mixtapes I’ve been feeling in the last couple years shows their value.

  • marty mcfly

    @jojoba, I dont think this one case is gonna hurt mixtapes because the streets will always support anything that sounds good to them and if that means rapping over a old beat then so be it. If mixtapes were negatively effected by this then it would only hurt the culture more and hip hop has been devalued enough over the years. Its almost to the point now where whole albums dont have no value anymore even if it took thousands to create and promote. Without mixtapes alot of todays biggest artists would never have made it and Lord Finesse should no that. The reason mixtapes exist is because artists with no deal and no money needed a lane and the streets needed a lane and every part of hip hop that isnt connected to a major needed a lane. Quiet is kept, its alot of fans, Djs, store owners, promoters etc that supported mixtapes in the last decade which is the reason why the culture as a whole was able to sustain itself in this digital error. if a few ol heads start coming out the cut to fight over that then not only does that take the possibility for even themselves being able to capitalize off it within the industry but they will just bring down the culture even more after its been devalued enough by now.

  • Yea, you got jokes. You named 2 dudes…and 1 dude (Jay-Z) caught hell from young dudes when “DOA” came out, and the other hasn’t dropped an album since you were swimming in a nutsack. I guess you proved your point.

  • marty mcfly

    I mean digital ERA… and @jabtheslut, even if Mac made money off that ONE song, you think it was 10 million dollars? Hell no, its was probably less then 20k total he could’ve possibly made from that ONE song and thats IF he made anything at all because he gets paid show money off a group of his songs and mixtapes in total not just one song with millions of views on Youtube.

  • Dj ILL One

    Lord Finesse already sued AT&T over this song. I`m not sure if he won or not,but if he didn`t clear the sample himself,he could be looking at a world of trouble too. If he talked to Mac and they cleared the air about it,he has no buisness suing him for something he`s not sure he wouldn`t get sued for himself.

  • @jabatheslut, who cares if he white….statistically speaking, white people go out and financially SUPPORT the genre more than we do…..silly rabbit

    @turbo city I’m just asking, what old rock band is getting crazy love for their new material the stones, ac/dc, gunsnroses etc….? nah ….

    what genre has the most popular artist as also one of the oldest? if going by your shit theory, it sure wouldn’t be hip hop

  • $$$

    So when’s Joey Bada$$ getting sued then?

  • Got jokes. Why are you asking about a genre of music that you don’t care about? Do you really think fans of the Rolling Stones don’t care when they release new material? Just because you aren’t checking for it, doesn’t mean they aren’t still relevant. If Lord Finesse dropped a new album tomorrow, I’d cop it, SO WHAT’S YOUR POINT?

  • yaowaarmy

    joell is the only one that can get away with shit goddamn it.

  • Major Tom

    “If some new Rock band did a cover of a Beatles song without permission, and got sued you’d never hear Rock fans call Paul McCartney a “hater”, and tell him to “sit his old ass down”. You dudes are what’s wrong with Hip-Hop today.”

    People have been telling Paul McCartney to sit his old ass down for shit like that for years now. People hate Metallica for siding with the record companies against Napster… people hate Bud and Eric from Sublime for suing a tribute band… even the Deadheads turned against Bob Weir when he tried to pull the Grateful Dead’s live shows off of

    The fans of any and every genre get pissed off when artists get greedy and show their true colors by handicapping the music in the pursuit of cash. It’s not a “hip hop” or a “rock” thing, it’s an “art” thing.

  • 123

    sucka shit at its finest.

  • Troof

    Damn Lord Finesses d!ck gotta be killing him as hard as turbo city swangin from it. Macs ok, I actually grew up on Finesse but this is a damn shame. It wasnt sold,it wasnt even a Finesse original. How long ago did kids come out? EXACTLTY! Greed. Classic case of someone hating they aint doing it anymore. This is just bad for hip hop. Too bad Guru isnt here try talk some sense into the old guy.

  • So, that’s why dudes use qualifiers to talk shit as proven by false troofs comment.

  • Meh

    Be real, guys. Even if Mac made a bit of money from YouTube and concerts off this one song, do you really think this is worth $10 million? And to wish the kid good luck despite still suing him for that much? the best possible outcome here would be the lawsuit being dropped and these two collaborating.

  • First I Park My Car, Then I Fuck Your Bitch

    This whole situation is why I don’t give 2 fucks about 90% of these 90s rappers.

  • Chrisl

    I dont like Mac Millers music what so ever, but fuck Lord Finesse he must be broke or something.

  • And 1

    1. Mac is a bitch and I remember seeing a video of another producer confronting him on stolen shit.

    2. It’s sad where we live in a country where someone as talented as Lord Finesse is forced to resort to such desperate measures.

  • franklin t hardbody

    reparations, bitch!

  • And 1

    Mac should have publicly announced that the song will be removed from the mixtape, and that he will split any money made off the video (adsense), along with 5-10 thousand dollar, just out of respect.

  • Lance Geneva

    First off all, this bitch ass nigga Lord Finnese didn’t even make the beat, so I would appreciate it if people stopped calling it HIS work.. Second of all, this song has been out for about 2 or 3 years now.. Third of all, this is the lamest attempt at suing someone EVER ! Mac BITCH !

  • milly

    not the first time this white fuckboi been accused of jacking 4 beats. dudes garbage and he dont know what integrity is either. fuck you if u fuck with the fuck boi. i hope he sues him for every penny

  • Mac is a Jew and Jews been doing this to black [hip-hop] artists for many decades. What’s good for the goose is better for the gander. Don’t hate the player hate the game, and the game dictates that this move by Finesse is simply par for the course. Mac’s just made because he should have broken off Finesse with some dough a long time ago and now he’s kicking himself because he’s gonna have to come up off of some of the millis he’s recently made for himself.

  • Chief

    Lord Finesse is doing as bitch-made nigga move. why? K.I.D.S came out like in 2009 (2010 i think but i dunno all i know is that it was a live mix-tape and i fucked wit it whenever i smoked) and now all of a sudden since mac is makin a ton of money now he wanna get some of that dough. of thats the case then biggies fam sould be makin BILLIONS since people stay sampling and jackin off of his beats and lyrics. as well as many other artist. I feel bad for mac but mo money mo problems.

  • Tyree

    For real FUCK Mac Miller. Dude ruined a Lord Finesse classic, this dude shouldn’t even be allowed to listen to Lord Finesse let alone rap to something he has done.

    Mac Miller needs to get checked and hard, he needs to know that legends aren’t fucking with him and that he needs to go away.

  • xyz123

    I’m not a fan of Mac, and I know Lord Finesse is a legend… But this is ridiculous.. He’s bitching over a track that wasn’t even sold, and it was made to pay homage.. Like c’mon man.. He’s very obviously just trying to catch a piece of change off of the kid’s success.. Like Hov said.. Nobody ever complains about what I did to them, it’s always what I didn’t do for them…

  • Gipsyfication

    FINESSE MY MAN!!!! good job, get that paper from dis stupid kid..

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    Turbo City has to be th dumbest old head in the game, this muthafucka is suppose to know what he’s talkin about, and anyone siding with Finesse is just as dumb, I understand Finesse is an OG, an Mac is a new guy, and as a “Hip-Hop Purist” you gotta go with the vet, but in this situation Mac is going to win, and I don’t listen to either of these guys, but I know whats right. I mean you don’t see Wayne suing Korn for their “Got Money” remake, because he know he won’t win in court, and even if Finesse wins he probably won’t get but a couple thousand.

  • niggar

    Miller gotta get fined cause he is wack. hehe bitchiz

  • III

    So does this mean Joey Bada$$ will be getting sued as well, considering he rapped over a Finesse beat on his “1999” mixtape that he released for free?

    Oh wait, Joey doesn’t have a boat load of money yet, so I’m sure Lord Finesse will just let it slide. Maybe come back to it in 5 years when Joey is really popping.

    Fuck outta here with this. It’s ridiculous. 10 MILLION dollars?! I’m willing to bet that’s as much money as Finesse has made in his entire 25 year career. Finesse is looking real thirsty right now.

    BTW, Turbo City, no one is telling the “elders” to get the fuck out of hip-hop. People just think this is a bitch-made move on Lord Finesse’s part. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to hear some Finesse beats on some new projects. We’re telling ELDERLY FANS like yourself who can’t accept change in their genre of music to get out. You’re stuck in the 90s. You’re most likely the type of dude who goes on YT videos saying “RIP Hip-Hop” on Big L videos.

  • Wow a LOT of dudes here do not know Lord finesse’s history you think that he’s just eating off his own and DITC’s catalog . (Personally i think the 10 million dollars thing is ridiculous but….) people forgot that Finesse produced on Dr. Dre’s Chronic 2 album and Biggie’s Ready to Die album , not to mention mad soundtracks of movie’s he’s scored for ,he’s still getting money off those classics stop saying he’s looking thirsty for money he’s just trying to get Mac miller do pay some respect like someone else stated all this could be avoided if the artists (like Lupe or Mac or even French Montana )would just shout out to the artists they are supposed to be paying ‘homage” to , that’s all why all the hate to someone that was making hits long before most of you ‘commentors” got into hip hop ….sheesh

  • youhighbro

    Lord is a legend im not a fan of him or mac but I can see the reasoning i wouldnt want some punk twitter bitch eating of one of my songs either he probably knows he will loose in court or maybe get 10k or some shit but its more just respect other peoples stuff. Freestyle it or cover it live in respect maybe but shoot a video eat off the swag nah thats a jay thing first its ahh i respect the legends then your spittin all there lines then your saying your better then them cause you got x amount of followers or sales. Make your own music and videos of your own stuff.

  • lmk

    @DJ Chris G

    I understand he wants credit for his work, but 10 MILLION? Like you said, that’s ridiculous…especially considering Mac’s song was on a free mixtape, not a commercial album.

  • stylesb

    wat to try and fuck the game up LF …how many songs have you sampled and not payed for?
    GTFO and go back to being an old sour asshole