Sir Michael Rocks – Now You Do

blame it on Meka July 11, 2012

The cool kid will drop his first solo project for sale, Lap Of Lux, on August 2nd, featuring a couple familiar faces. Head down bottom for the album’s tracklist

1. Now You Do (prod. Flosstradamus)
2. GED f. Tris J (prod. J. Hill)
3. They Hate It (prod. Papi Beats)
4. Take It To The Floor (prod. Papi Beats)
5. Reservations (prod. Cardo)
6. NWO (prod. Flosstradamus)
7. Great f. Casey Veggies & Mac Miller (prod. Cardo)
8. Good Sushi (prod. Chuck Inglish)
9. In The Loop (prod. Polyester)
10. The Best f. Tris J & Shorty K (prod. Mano)
11. Connect f. Mano (prod. Cardo)
12. Can’t Hide It f. Rockie Fresh (prod. J. Hill & iamLpeezy)
13. If It Ain’t Foreign (prod. Tye Hill)
14. You Know What (prod. Hit-Boy)
15. The Clique f. Casey Veggies & Tris J (prod. The Freshman)


    Definitely gonna be coppin this

  • spencer

    they sayin’ this homie Jet Life but there isn’t a single jet lifer featured on this? Instead Mac Miller and Casey Veggies? Two rappers that spit the EXACT same boring flow every time…

  • J

    Still Jets? No Features


    what happened to grand deluxe? these are different producers than his mixtapes and that hit boy credit got me intrested

  • drew

    he left jet life

  • Bongwater

    Chucks “convertibles” album is gonna be waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better

  • milly

    ye fuck that mac feature

  • Chief

    Tracks 5, 8, 9, 10, and 14 (only cause of production and hit a lick is still my shit)

  • Click my name though!

  • anthony

    Papi Beatz with a Z! That dude is a beast! Looking forward to hearing this!

  • 2dope4nope

    Hmm yeah I thought the nigga was JLR imprinted oh well I guess

  • chris

    im interested with track number 12 because the rockie fresh feature. people are sleeping on rockie fresh

  • HeadHoncho

    Mikey came with the energy this time and I dig. I wasn’t really feeling the beats on his tapes too much (save for a few songs) so this is definitely a move in the right direction (i.m.o.). Been a big fan for a while so hopefully this gets him some much needed exposure (and that Hit-Boy credit is lookin’ nice.)



  • I interviewed Sir Michael Rocks. He STILL JETS, just proving to “Doubters” , that he can hold his own.. He’s will connected with lot’s of artist, and has killed every tape..
    No need to compare someone who’s been on his shit, to a nigga who just started..
    *cough Cough ( Asap Rocky)

    They completely different individuals. Just sit back, and enjoy Sir Michael Rock’s Growth in the game.

  • yoong


  • mattnotmike

    No shawtys k? i fucked with him on the tapes

  • mattnotmike

    pause i missed it sorry *wipes brow*

  • 206FRE$H

    this looks dope the whole JLR thing is like cool both was don’t really care…


    Damn…Nigga went wit that trendy flow huh? LOL I’ll give his album a spin off the strength of his older shit but if this is what his whole album is gonna be like then im done with this guy…and I swear COOGI holds the title for a clothing brand with the most comebacks in Hip Hop. Fubu should take notes (or just make some really cool sweaters)

  • Rell its funny that you say fubu should take note being that fubu bought and has owned coogi for some years now

  • RoshaneRonan

    One of my favorite rappers is droppin’ a project on my bday. It’s been a damn good year.

  • dadankness

    this is horrible swag, money rap.. How do people like this shit? This is generic and formulaic.. Fucking verse 1 = Money. verse 2 = Hoes. verse 3 = Cars. Curren$y might rap like that but he lets you into to his past.. He tells you how he use to stack money and also how he has it now.. For all I know this dude Michael Rocks did some weird transvestite porn shit to get his money.. if a rapper only talks about money and the over glamourized paying hoes for sex.. and never raps about his back ground.. then hes on some drake disney having bullshit and the artist himself is a figment of some corporate office 37 floors up putting out shit for people who dont like music for music but like music because other people will think they are cool for liking it.. this is made for people who want to follow and not like what they like

  • ubitchmade

    ^^fuck outta here with that trash, if you don’t know Sir Michael why the fuck are you even hear. Have you now heard of the Cool Kids fuck boy…that’s how he got his money. BTW get of Curren$y’s dick

  • Jus Sayin

    @chris People aren’t sleeping on Rockie anymore after that MMG signing. I’ve been playing his shit since Rockie’s Modern Life. He’ll bring a fresh voice to them

  • 5o

    ughhh Sir Michael been around before rockie dumb niggas

  • bonaparte

    coogi?…looks like versace to me

  • javon

    cardo tracks are about to be serious