WordSpit & The ILLest’s America’s Got Talent Las Vegas Journey (Video)

blame it on Meka July 11, 2012

WordSpit and crew head to Las Vegas for prep for their continued run on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. This coming Monday (July 16th) WordSpit & The ILLest take the stage at New Jersey Performing Art Center for the live rounds of the show; don’t forget to support!


    We hardly ever watch AGT, but watching this time. We got bored with most of the other acts. In Vegas you took over the place. You are doing great. These 3 judges with their backgrounds know talent when they see it. There was no hesitation from from any of them when it came to The Illest. You are also representing Brooklyn, NY very well. A unique group from a unique place. Ride out the week and the rest will just happen. We hope we can be there to support you.
    Chris, you will be especially blessed, for coming out to help with The Smash Street Boys Festival in 100 degree weather. Remember, you can get a buck each from a thousand people or a thousand bucks from one person. It was that type of thing. The right people took notice. Everyone’s effort was well worth it. The boys will be better off. But, you and your father were outstanding.You stood out with your talent, just like on AGT. If you ever need any type of inspiration for your music just think of the kids you supported that day. Believe me, they knew you were there. Thank you, again.
    The best of luck to all of you ~ The Illest on AGT next week. From the heart, Michael and Antoinette Wagnerman

  • dont nobody know how to act lmfao smh