• PandaHair

    I've been anticipating this for quite some time. Such a solid body of work!

  • TyEats

    Dope dope dope again!

  • JohnnyBlaze

    this shit is so dope. been messing with Juan Deuce for a minute.

  • http://www.frontroweats.com Front Row Eats

    Can you expect anything less?? Dope tape!! Shouts to everyone involved! Very Oliver Stone...

  • EsBeezy

    This is better than my momma's Sunday cooking!!!!! Shout to ACBeeze, pjaydizzy, Falsideezy

  • themralexaner


  • johnnyboy

    damn. just damn.

    so good.

  • livefromstudio707


  • https://twitter.com/_Topiq_ Topiq the Smooth Prophet

    So uhhhhhh, this is dope as SHIT! I'm accidentally STILL listening to it. All I remember is playing the intro, next thing in knew, I was at track 4 nodding my brain out the back of my head O_o


  • Wesson

    This joint is concentrate dopeness, solid (and diversified) production, plus Juan is a problem. One of my fav MCs right now.

  • WHAT!

    Just started listenin to this tape and so far this is dope as fuck. Left You & Yuro are FUCKING BANGERS!!! Freeze is smooth as shit. Love the Rakim sample. Glad to see ill ass producers like J57, Audible Doctor, Falside & The Dopplegangaz on this joint. Plus Juan's flow and lyrics are sick as fuck.