• DesiDes1

    Chicago we ON!!!


    I knew William was gonna do something before his album dropped his trying to tap into all aspects of hip hop and get them on his side

    Very smart man

  • CashTodd

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  • poeballs

    Hm. hopefully doesnt ruin his music like it did Wale.

  • malcyvelli

    fucking finally ross did something RIGHT!rockie is def talented and if he can get out into the spotlight and get the peoples attention i know hell be great, i just hope he doesnt pull a wale and lt ross turn his music to shit

  • Jules

    When the fuck is he gonna sign Peedi Crakk? You know P deserves to get some proper shine. I hope Dom continues to build his own thing instead of signing with the next dude. With Nipsey I don't know, dude is hella talented but I really can't see him with Maybach.

  • RealTalk™

    Signing Rockie makes a whole lotta more sense than signin Stalley...

  • realtalk©

    He's gonna take all the realness and uniqueness out of this kid and turn him into MMG's Big Sean.. just watch.

    Damn shame because Rocky has some really dope songs..

  • Mike

    Can't see Rockie with MMG but can't deny it's a good look for him financially.

  • justenjoythisshit


  • Fred


  • aHometownHero

    i dont think Rick could get Nipsey or Dom to sign on to MMG. both of them are doing really well independently and have there own movements started up. Rockie needs the boost unlike them. We'll see how it goes for RF, but Rick should make Stalley the next priority cuz he's got star written on him

  • zan


  • adolfmayne

    lol @ the guy who said stalley got star written on him rockie fresh should stayed indy cuz his best songs are with casey veggies and this no where near big sean's level but this was unexpected

  • Based.

    I fucks with Rockie, But he's on the MMG D League with my boy Stalley. Rockie should've got signed to GOOD

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Never heard of dude. What's his best stuff?

  • Jojoba

    Rockie is dope. Hopefully he gets that shine that he needs now. Have had Driving 88 on repeat for a few months.

  • http://twitter.com/KearnsMCMXC Status

    Rockie Fresh, MMG ? An Amazing look for Rockie and a Very Smart Move for Rozay.

    Ross' Team is Shaping up nicely
    2012-2013 belongs to MMG

  • top_shottatx

    good look for dude and all but honestly his music is just boring to me. hate to sound like a hater but im just being real. congrats to him tho

  • learntospell

    im proud. love his music!

  • http://none.com willy boe boh

    MMG Shoulda OFFICIALLY added Gunplay, Makes no sense he isnt really signed only affiliated...
    But MMG should get emilio rojas, and nipsey hustle

  • anthony

    his last mixtape was so good. happy for him. keep doing your thing bro

  • that truth

    this dude is wack and not marketable at all, very little buzz. more lame rappers for a lame label

  • NC010

    NOOOOOO Rockie was dope too :( Please rick ross don't ruin him.

  • http://rickrossgrunt.mp3 JustAFanOfMusic

    Damn... I loved Driving 88. But just imagine Rockie on them Luger-esque beats!!! I mean... that track with King Louie went H.A.M.!!!


  • onlytheflyest

    Hopefully he doesn't get ruined.

  • DevynAUS

    I dont know wether to be worried or excited. I love Rockies stuff, i just hope Ross doesn't ruin him like Wale. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Hopefully a Stalley and Rockie collab though, that would be dope as

  • KillaCam

    there is no way thats a legit contract it looks like it was typed up 15 minutes ago. Plus it looks like Rossay is trying to sneak a dozen doughnuts under his shirt.