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The Brown Bag AllStar provides the sounds to the third single off Swerve's upcoming project, The Barrelhouse LP, dropping right here on July 18th.

I think at one time or another most people comes to a point on their path where they start contemplating (or fantasizing) about grabbing what/who they care about most and leaving their current situation behind for a simpler life. That "something" is different for everyone, but for me it was the California coast, and it was in 2008. This is that story and needless to say, I couldn't convince her to do it...

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  • smooth

    smooth as hell, J57 can do no wrong.

  • Jess

    damn! this guy is dope as fuck. Cold Winters was one of my fav albums this year and this is turning out to be better than that was. I think this is going to be something really special.

  • Wong$

    This song is dope. J57 is that dude and Im now a fan of Swerve. Good work!

  • dilemma

    super original, i'm feeling this shit.


    I'm officially excited for this LP. I can't wait.

  • Kenny

    This shit is fuckin dope