• Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pool (Drank)

    Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pool (Drank)

  • Druggid

    Always good to see HipHop honor the greats. Kids these days need to learn some more about the history of HipHop.


    What kind of speakers are behind him?

  • balanced4life

    Co-sign "when the base-line drops on Juice, everybody knows the lyrics." I wore that cassette out!

  • http://brandonlyniv.tumblr.com Lyniv


  • Mike

    He doesn't have to go pop. But I think he should stay relevant. I'm not dogging Rakim cause he is absolutely one of the best to ever spit. But I don't think you can be THE greatest if you're irrelevant (while not being retired[key point]).

  • chronwell

    Very informative documentary.Rakim revolutionized the art of rhyming by introducing that multi syllable rhyme scheme. Him,Eric and Marley changed the way ppl did beats when they sampled James! They changed the look with the Gucci leathers, the chains and the mean mugs in the pictures. He brought spirituality and blackness outta the speakers. Big time respect to this American hero!

  • Butters


  • rock

    God MC. No on colder on the mic. Ever.

  • Waine06

    Absolutely the Best that Ever Blessed a Mic... No Competition...