Knocka – (R)ealize (E)veryone (A)in’t (L)oyal

blame it on Shake July 14, 2012

So. Fucking. True. Still Black Flaggin’ is available now.

DOWNLOAD: Knocka – (R)ealize (E)veryone (A)in’t (L)oyal

  • Game of Thrones

    (R)ealize (E)veryone (A)in’t (E)atin’ (O)ff (A)$AP (R)ocky’s (P)late

    Get your own beats, quit whining and MAYBE I’ll listen.

  • whysomanydicks

    ” I watched one nigga suck a nigga dick, then turn around and suck another dick, he should do gay porn cause he known for sucking dick”

    Best lyrics ever?

  • Mike

    Best Lyicist a live & you niggas cant deny that… Fuck the asap rocky beef liisten and pay attention to this

  • John Visuals

    Im suchhhhhhh a fan of this nigga i need a dese labels need to sign him he gone KILL the game!!!

  • Tunnel Paper

    Knocka Twitter page sent me here… I dont think noone can aee him lyrically wise… Nigga saix “Its some shit got me thinking that these niggas racist/ Like how come everybody loves raymond but everybody hates chris… WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!  we love you Knock Knock

  • Germany Ladies

    I Hope he dont change when he get signed like these owtha rappers hes freaking dope! (My Opimion) Fan From U.K

  • valence

    Those lyrics aren’t very amazing… pretty average really.

  • Druggid

    I have never heard the word nigga so many times in a song..pretty good song though

  • Be real with ya self for a min.. This nigga can’t make better music than Rocky.. In fact the only people who like this nigga don’t fuxs with Rocky.. To me it’s Wack to like him because you oppose his enemy.. His only claim to fam is he dislike Rocky and that ain’t gonna get him nowhere.. Play this song then play Rocky’s Ridin or any song from Rocky; it just doesnt match up.. Ya gotta do better boosting this dude up like he’s the next thing, dudes not even close..

  • dude is average

    Y’all niggas really acting like this dude is something special lyrically huh? Fuck outta here…y’all must’ve literally shit your pants when you first heard guys like Nas or Elzhi.