Saturday Night Sexy: Jasmin Cadavid

blame it on Illy July 14, 2012

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Another Saturday night, another sexy. The Miami-born, Las Vegas and L.A.-residing Guatemalan/Columbian model, who we’ve caught in videos for ‘Sh*t’s “Y.U. Mad” and Cam’ron’s “Speaking In Tungs” (and a little something for T.I.T.S), is the best thing you’ll grace your pupils on, seriously. Dopeheadz, you know what to do…

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  • Nasttyy Ass Nigga Mayne

    BEST ONE EVER. I wanna lick her ass.

  • EJ

    Best One!

  • Can

    Ass is too fat

  • bonaparte

    niceee..although we couldve done w/o the flix with them dingy ass nike shocks..

  • who cares

    Goddamn! The things I would do to that ass!

  • Say no to border crossers

    Wtf is this.this wetback Mexican is ugly.go back to your country and prostitute don’t bring that to. America

  • wat

    *proceeds to beating my meat*

  • YALLareGAY

    this girl used to be a guy
    look it up

  • She is ugly af! Google Lais De Leon instead.

  • brite

    Fat transsexual looking bitch. Ugly as shit too. Just got a real mannish tone to her face and body.

  • Based.

    She went to my High school in Miami damn iMissed out amh

  • SwizZ

    Yeah she iight, she just thick. Niggas see the ass and think she the baddest ever, her face aint all that

  • MusicHead

    she really dont even have ass like that either..she dont even gotta coo face..she jus a normal chick whose posing good & have good photo shopped pictures

  • ewo

    ugly as shit though? nigga post a picture of your girl. wow “ugly as shit though”. hell, post up a picture of you nigga. you cant be serious. she aint my type but she far from ugly.


    Say no to border crossers you stupid fucking turd. Why don’t you say that to your ancestors that crossed the “border” so that you could have a better life? Try it, just so you can hear how stupid you sound. Because unless you are native American, which I highly doubt due to your stupidity; your ancestors crossed a physical border to arrive to “America”. Comment wisely, comment about the main topic, and inform your xenophobic ass before feeling so bad ass about typing all fearless and shit in your Arizona bedroom behind a monitor.

  • Cali420

    This girl, at least from my perspective, has way too many dude features for me. Some pictures make her look like a 9 and other pictures make her look like a 5.

  • Internet Boner Face

    Yep! ghostshake is stepping up his internet boner game. This chick is tight. I give her eight erect penises with 32 ejaculates. O! O! O! That’s three “O! faces” included. BAM!!!

  • PAUSE!

    This chick makes me want to go domestic on my dick & beat it like it owes me money.


    You mad bro?

  • J_holla

    She has a really strong jaw..

  • Exhibit C

    lmao, she really pretty but her legs remind me of Roger from American Dad, especially in the boxing pics

  • I hate faggot hipsters

    The niggas who are like super picky, to the point that it’s weird are always the dudes who are virgins, or ugly niggas who get no pussy lol

  • Master Lee

    You niggas are really hating on models? The C-Section never ceases to amaze me. This chick is fine as hell and her ass is amazing. Like Ewo said why dont you post a pic of your girl? I didnt think so. I mean I’ve seen better Saturday Night Sexy’s but say this girl is ugly. That just sounds retarded.

  • Master Lee

    *Dont say this girl is ugly is what I meant to say.

  • BSR

    I wonder what his real name used to be??


    She good wit me.

  • GilliamLela

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  • Fat fuck fred

    Bitch look like george Lopez in a wig

  • troytrav

    Chiiilll.. can’t be putting my woman’s photo’s up like that. Ha.

  • gr00ve

    thunder thighssssss

  • Jayman

    Niggas talking on here like they turn down pussy every day smh…

  • JETLIFE116

    her ass is cool, bu those thighs doe….tired of these bikinis…put on more tighter clothes

    *fapping at 70MPH*

  • boston


  • WillsD

    If you left a negative comment about this woman Slap yourself,….twice, now do it again one more time with the other hand…F*ck is wrong with you

  • BenDoughVA

    She is sexy as f*ck! A little too mannish tho… Best SNS is still Shantel Jackson!

  • Sticky Thicky

    This girl is correctly thick mayne.

    That last flick is….yessir.