• HeadHonchoKnowsHisShit

    OG Chess is affiliated with Travi$ Scott (or was at least). They have a collaborative tape called Cruisin USA under the monicker Travi$xJason if you look it up. It's a mad cool tape but kinda hard to find.

  • gOOniE

    record is fire Rich-p has bars and flow

  • nerds

    def heard this beat before

  • $WERVE

    I Heard Of OG Che$$ wit dat A$AP ferg Joint But Rich-P Is Def Fire boi keep That shit coming Harlem is Breeding The Future Rap Stars right now

  • ziplockp

    meka, go pick up that "royalty" tape and peep the ghostface track.

  • Keon

    dope video and song, in regards to the website post description there was no need to disclose that information, that was weak

  • http://twitter.com/smokeluciano Vic D

    Man what beat is this bro... heard it before

  • http://twitter.com/smokeluciano Vic D

    Oh yeaaaaa. Ghostface already ripped the heart out this beat

  • Jacob Little

    Go Peep Rich-P's Date this video was uploaded and peep when Gambino's Royalty tape dropped Rich had this beat first His cousin Myke Stallone AKA Myke Murda from the group Glamourlyke Made this track Rich sent this track to Gambio to feature on mad long ago and gambino stole it

  • Josh Greene

    Yo people are fooling sleeping on OG CHESS this dude had a crazy group with newcomer Travis Scott that got overlooked and continues to shit on niggas he's featured with get familiar because down south this niggas next

  • MultiBlogger

    I fuck with this track hardbody Rich P killed and I agree with the post above this OG Chess dude has been making some noise lately just heard his new track BIG which should have been the featured track on this site in my eyes

  • Meh

    Yeah, somebody didn't listen to that Gambino tape...

  • Taylorgangcapo

    Its kind of blasphemous to say this, but i heard both, and this version is better then Ghost.... Sorry

  • LiveandDirect

    Yeah niggas are trippin if they think the gambino track is better that niggas Chess is slept on and Rich been supposed to blow I agree the post the way 2 dope posted wasnt needed

  • LVdealer

    Rich P bodied great track