That sample though....

This is the latest release from Elmira MC Rome Clientel. The song, titled "Destroy & Rebuild" was produced by Rome himself. However, it will NOT be found on Rome's upcoming project, The Empire: The Battlegrounds: It is instead yet another loose track to hold the fans over until it's time to unveil the EP.

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DOWNLOAD: Rome Clientel - Destroy and Rebuild (prod. Rome Clientel)


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  • 3OG

    Whats the sample, heard it a thousand times, but can't recall..Thanks

  • Double You

    How could someone say "no" to this? Dope as hell!

  • Bergs

    To 3OG it's from Right and Exact by Dilated Peoples off the Lyricist Lounge Vol. 2 album.

  • H.A.T.E.

    Fire!!! As always Rome