Jack White – Freedom at 21 (Video)

blame it on Illy July 16, 2012

Directed by Hype Williams.

The White Stripes frontman unveils his Hype Williams-directed clip for “Freedom at 21” from his debut album, Blunderbuss.

  • Quixoticelixer

    Jack White is that dude. No wrong.

  • xXmedisinXx

    i didnt know the dude from dark shadows rapped.

  • jd

    I think all rock and roll has left is jack white and brandon flowers, right? Maybe Gaga too… but that’s a stretch. Anywho. Posting this video is a good look for the dopehouse.

  • Magee

    Screencap for the win.

  • Benny Blanco from The BriX

    I like Jack White for his guitar skills but I can’t really get into his voice. His music is good though, he has a bluesy guitar playing style & I love blues/blues-rock. It’s just his voice. That screechy, psycho shit doesn’t always fit the mood, only for certain songs.

  • High

    Jack White, Nic Cave, Dave Grohl, Dan Auerbach, Issac Brock, Maynard Keenan, Ian McKaye, Wayne Coyne, Jonsi Birgisson, Ellery Roberts… off the top of my head. Rock’s really not even in a bad place right now; it’s kinda gotten a shot in the arm lately because everybody else is just morphing into the same genre (ending up with some sort of techno/pop/rap/RnB), so the guys that actually know how to make music by themselves are the only ones breaking out of the corporate death trap.

    But Brandon Flowers? GTFOH. And I’ll just assume Gaga was a joke.

  • God Monkey


    I don’t know why, but that little thing he does there is HILARIOUS.

  • jimmyjam

    good lookin 2dbz, this dude deserves all the pub he can get

  • gbreeze

    who is that bitch in the vid son?????

  • blackStripes

    i like jack white, respect him as an artist and a musician. dude has originality.

    but this song is a fucking bore.

  • Adrian

    uurggggg in South Africa – bought the CD but can’t watch the video
    HELP – any ideas

  • jack’sadullboy

    smh jack white… not allowing people in other countries to watch it…