Kendrick Lamar On Friendship w/ Lady Gaga

blame it on Shake July 16, 2012

A couple weeks ago, Lady Gaga expressed her love for Kendrick’s music. Flash forward to this past weekend and she’s stage side showing support during his set at the Pitchfork Music Festival (shown above). The Source caught up with K. Dot to get some thoughts…

“That’s a real good friend… a real good friend.” explained the Compton MC. As for a possible future collaboration between the two he says, “God willing …. for now I just like the friendship thing.”

I have a feeling that there will be a lot of folks that are gonna talk shit on this. But why? Lady Gaga telling her 27 million followers monsters on Twitter that she likes his music seems like a good thing to me. Kendrick’s already proven that he can present a more mainstream-fueled song and keep it within his personal touch. So what could a relationship with such a strong presence worldwide do to hurt anything?


    future gay porn movie with kendrick lamar and frank ocean.

  • iLLMiND

    I was thinking more like the 2012 Tupac & Madonna.

  • TX

    Niggas really on here at 1 in the morning talking bout gay porn movies with rappers…smfh b. fuck is wrong with this new age of hip-hop fans

  • jesus

    ^^my thoughts yo

  • A Reader!

    I dont see no point in talking shit on this until we hear their collaboration song !!

    Its definitely good for publicity tho !!

  • smh

    If you thumbs this down, you are a certified hater. What could you possibly not like? You can tell Kendrick doesn’t have any real plans of making music with her based on the “for now I just like the friendship thing” comment. So what, you dudes don’t like the fact that someone with a 27 million+ is giving a talented hip-hop artist some exposure? You don’t like that two people have started a friendship? What is there not to like?

  • smh

    27 million+ fanbase*

  • Musikfiend

    I would have NEVER thought Lady Gaga listened to Kendrick Lamar.

  • oh yeah

    She’s probably already down with Dre cuz she had her own Beats Headphones by Monster…doesn’t surprise me. Please save us the collaboration though. Just another photo OP and headline that sites can blog in anticipation of his album. cant wait though.

  • the way i see it is just cos’ they both make music doesn’t mean their friendship has to lead to something music-related. as long as they enjoy each others company and are having fun that’s all that counts really. and if they did make a song together knowing k dot it would be something mad weird and abstract anyway.

  • Thinker

    pleeeaaase. the vouching for this nigga is over the top. if dudes wanna hate, they’re entitled to it. it’s called opinion. Shake, along with the rest of the dudes getting butt-hurt over the 2dope trolls need to chill out. Kendrick still doin his thing with or without the fuckery going on here


    Can HIIIPOWER be more fake…

    How are you TDE Frauds aka Kendrick Lamar pushing Some postive hiiipower bullshit then hanging out with some industry soul less slave pushing some demonic shit to brain wash the youth…


  • EDcali

    Thats really impressive how many Kendrick dickriders this site has.
    Even a Gaga collab gets yall bless, god dam when yall see Kendrick name the cum is already in yall monitor i bet.
    Fuckin groupies, i like Kendrick but this shit is disgusting

  • who dat

    publicity stunt.kendrick starting to think he kanye.

  • Thinker

    ^^^^ see these three guys aboove me?
    like i said, the trolls are always gunna be here. you dummies getting mad need to chill and get ur priorities straight.

  • chea!

    they prolly fuckin on the low…

  • lil darryl

    Didnt CuDi poke her face?

  • k0d3z

    I have to agree with the rest of so called “Haters” who are really just speaking the truth. Who the fuck cares if Gaga has 27 or 270 million followers, because I know the next thing that I don’t want to see is a bunch of whack Gaga fans or so called “Monsters” claiming or praising Kendrick just for the fact Gaga listens to him or approves him. Kendrick has already established his name in the business, he really doesn’t need Gaga to get attention. I’m down with a good co-lab every now and then with someone not so whack as Gaga, such as A$AP Rocky & Lana Del Rey. But if a future Gaga & Lamar project came out, that’s just some whack shit. Might as well start making Nas co-lab with someone like.. I don’t even know who to say but someone just whack that you couldn’t comprehend it happening with. I really just hope Kendrick stays true to his roots, and keeps putting out the music we’ve all got to like him for

  • laughing my ass off

    Kendrick about to start doing songs with justin beiber & Taylor Swift & somehow these himosexuals for Kendrick will still find a way to make it look like he making music from them.Give up already ya’ll lost him.Kendrick is big time now he dont give a fuck about you niggas bruh.

  • Spike

    Kendrick trollers are everywhere since he blew up. Strange, since he hasn’t changed his sound at all.

  • Troll me

    ^^^ its not “Kendrick Trollers.” They’re just trollers. they’re everywhere. its the internet. they’ll say anything for the lulz because they’re safe at home

  • silence

    Im willing to believe that Jimmy Iovine geppeto’d this shit. They’re both on the same label, lady gaga has all the young white girls (the majority of music buyers), and Kendrick’s album coming out soon. He need some bunny love too I guess. I want some bunny love too.

  • blu hippie

    im a big kendrick fan but you stans are comical. talking about trolls being safe at home like if you saw them you would as the late great bernie mac would say “bust a fucking move” lol you dudes are nerds & probably never been in a serious altercation in your life. cmon fam keep it real with yourself dont let this rap music go to your head man. chill out.

  • Jjj

    How you goin love hip-hop and say you want the world to hear our music but get mad when a rapper gets exposure which is what niggas need. I’m confuse man ya still stuck in that underground we ain’t going nowhere but here shit. Like jay-z said in cai live ” I refuse to stay dormant”. You guys remind me of them niggas back in the Harlem renaissance only wanting to stay in they neighborhood not be heard settle for less no progression. While u hate on k dot for basically taking his music another you should find a way to escape your so called prison

  • tune

    TDE NIGGAS IS WACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Domin666o

    Nas and Amy winehouse was friends I mean people be acting like niggas in rap can only be around other niggas in acting like its 1959 or some bull shit like that it’s 2012 bruh segregation been over why people acting like it’s the worse thing to ever happen calling anyone who might be excited about two artists making good creative outside the box music gay for? You don’t know what these 2 people can do till they make it fags. And to the 1st guy fuck you frank ocean is that nigga right now no one cares if he’s gay good music is good

  • yep

    Turning industry right b4 our very eyes.

  • Master Lee

    You niggas need to stop hating on Kendrick. Your mad that he’s cool with Lady Gaga? You guys sound retarded. Arent a lot of you guys artist? I’m an artist and I get it. When your an artist you want to get exposure you idiots. Lady Gaga is the biggest artist in music right now. She’s got even more fans on facebook. 52 million to be exact. Thats a win for Kendrick to be associated with her. And did you forget Lady Gaga was on Wale’s song Chillen on Attention Defficit the album we all liked? You guys are retarded.

  • BlessTheSaxophone

    …nigga still cant dress.

  • tyler


    Wale is wack. Nobody liked that album.Wale aint even like that album. Gaga dont even like Wale she was only on that song because the label paid her.

  • jwii

    why do people really care who he kicks it with? damn. y’all too close minded. get over yourselves.

  • Master Lee

    I actually think a Kendrick Lady Gaga collab would be dope. Good music is good music in any genre. You niggas need to just enjoy music and appreciate the artits making it. Shake said it best anyway…

  • Based

    @lil darryl

    cudi got bitches bra.

  • LupeX

    Is this Mediatakeout? I thought I came to 2dz!

  • am i on tmz? mediatakeout?

    um when did you fags turn into mediatakeout/tmz? is kendrick paying you guys to post this? stop the rumors kendrick has a girlfriend.

  • Domin666o

    and one other thing, even if kendrick lamar is gay it would be good for hip hop. it would stop the homophobia in hip hop and it would make the music more powerful. seeing men kiss and make love to each other is what hip hop needs right now. frank ocean coming out has inspired hip hop in being truly real.

  • CecilRhodez

    Y’all acting like a bunch of bitches, everyone is entitled to their opinion but half of these comments are straight bitch made. Kendrick can be friends with whoever he wants, Im not a Lady Gaga fan but I honestly don’t give a fuck if they do a song together it helps the publicity. If you’re a Kendrick fan you want him to go big because even on that mainstream record he was still preaching the same shit he’s been doing since the EP. Also where the hell is the Kendrick gay shit coming from, rumors man rumors. Shake not that you care, but you might as well disable these comments because the ignorance in these posts is enormous. I appreciate the dudes who actual provide information and critiques of music but some of these comments are fucking stupid. And to dudes out here throwing “dick riding” around like its their favorite word, shut the hell up, most of these dudes are fans, dick riding applies to someone like Wayne who will make a shitty song and people still feel like he can do no wrong. Kendrick has made good songs and lack luster songs, but if people are on here saying its good he’d do a colabo with Gaga how is that dick riding huh? Haha silly lil hoes.

  • will

    “seeing men kiss and make love to each other is what hip hop needs right now.”

    Its too early in the mourning for this shit right here b.

  • dre


    Not at 6 in the mourning. The butter aint even thinking about melting on my pancakes & you talking about niggas kissing & making love to each other is what hip hop needs? That frank ocean album cant be that good bruh

  • stop it 5

    you niggas gay

  • stop it 5

    HaHaHaHaHa Fucking Faggots.

  • shane

    quit acting like she never been smashed. this has publicity stunt written all over it .shits random as hell.

  • DBS

    Good for him.

  • truuuuuuu

    the rebirth of pac and madonna look at it happening again pac spirt dont give a fuck pac is kendrick all spirts are reborn

  • pan

    faggot niggas better stop disrespecting pac comparing him to niggas he probably wouldnt even fuck with if he was living. stop bringing up pac name bitch ass niggas let my nigga rest!!!!!!

  • Patrick Star

    Jimmy Ivoine probably told her to do this or she genuinely likes his shit. Remember they tried to give Wale exposure by havin him do a song with Gaga? That deny work out so they’re gonna try to have gaga get friendly and shit with before they do a collabo. I’d actually love to see them do a song together it wouldn’t hurt Kendrick at all. Chillin by Wale was a good song and since this is Kendrick Lamar and not Wale the song will be 20x better

  • Man I’m happy for dude I remember telling my friends about TDE in there beginner stages.. This is dope to me I mean I’ll probably lose out on a artist eventually; but he’ll probably be serving a greater purpose.. Theirs alot of lost/misguided people and Kendrick is like a therapist or guidance councilor(not literrally) with his topics and view points.. Dude will definetly save some souls.. Congrats to k-dot he deservers it

  • Sanchez.

    He said he had a song with Gucci mane…ya hated…it dropped…n ya topped him off

    Ya hated Gunplay…he dropped Cartoon n Cereal..n ya downloaded Gunplay’s latest anything

    Point being…just let him do him..cuz ya gonna eat it up anyways…Lady Gaga n Kendrick are amongst some of the more creative ppl in music, period. Kendrick is also wayyyy creative n meticulous then Wale…so if Dot drops a song with Gaga…rest assure there won’t be an annoying ass hook being sung

  • Trill Pharaoh

    Reading these comments 6 in the morning after comic con priceless.. This friendship seems label sponsored like ASAP rocky and iggy azelia relationship, it’s a industry hii power isn’t conscious plus y’all fake ass laker type of hiP pop Stan’s don’t wanna hear no real conscious shit y’all too busy worried about frank ocean or murs and yes murs is gay that shit was more than just a video.. Just my 2 keep it trill

  • jul

    Just a friendship y’all like the fox n the hound…..

  • NYdreams

    i dont see what would be wrong with a gaga and kendrick song …. wale gotta song with gaga… its good to see this nigga kendrick is gettin support from artists outside of hip hop

  • trife631

    Well Lady Gaga was put on by Akon and signed to his label under Interscope and Dre, Eminem, Akon, and Gaga are all under the Interscope umbrella so this doesn’t really seem too odd.

  • lol

    the song with wale is trash. gaga didnt do a song with him thats a sample of a song she didnt finish which she still got paid for.even with a gaga sample album went double wood lol.why do ya’ll keep talking about kendrick making songs with her? he clearly said they are not making music. you lames need to relax.

  • NYdreams


  • Conspiracy Theories

    Kind of a weird friendship with all of Lady Gaga’s use of occult symbolism and Kendrick’s seeming anti government/anti illuminati black hippy lyricism.

  • Aj

    @lil darryl


  • jay

    i bet kendrick bangin lady gaga lol

  • alex

    i feel like Iovine is pulling some strings here but who cares

  • dre

    You niggas just mad cause it ain’t you this is fly

  • Based.

    iFucks with Lady Gaga and thats a good look for him real good, She is the biggest pop star of our time.

  • whoa dere

    gaga probably fucking kendrick. heard she got a big dick.

  • Chris

    First off why did you post this SHAKE? I don’t give a fuck who Kendrick makes friends with I just want the music, do you put up posts on 2DBz of who your friends with? I mean that’s such a stupid post to put up, and then you go and say that you alread know cats are gonna hate. Smfh. STUPID!

  • There was really no point on posting as others said. It’s almost like you want shit to pop off. If you never said anything upon this, nothing would happen.

  • This just in via Kendrick Lamar’s Twitter… He and Lady Gaga are in the process of working on a collaborative album!!!

  • (l,k)

    anddd theres the illuminati connection that will be made lol

  • daman

    I mean, its obvious that he is porking her. Schoolboy Q agrees lol

  • TH




  • dave chappelle

    If this was little wayne and lady gaga, it would have had 300 thumbs down. Haters and Stans crack. me. up.

  • cam


    Schoolboy q is a lame dick rider who makes terrible music he could easily be the worst in tde. Its obvious hes in on it as well of course hes gonna hype it up to get his wack ass followers to start talking about it.ab soul did it too.Jay Rock the only real nigga in tde. Like i’d take someones word who calls themselves another grown mans name. Truth is no one would give 2 shits about this if shake’s faggot ass wouldnt have made a post about it.Tde is paying these faggots. Makes perfect sense since Kendrick has an album dropping in like 2 months.Oh well atleast he didnt go the im bi sexual route.

  • twin

    they all call themselves other people names

  • joe budden

    “they all call themselves other people names”

    im joe buddens irrelevant ass

  • nui

    Judging by this post, I’d have thought Kendrick announced a collab LP with Gaga. Y’all niggas really hating (and yes, it is hating…it’s a damn friendship for fucks sake, what is there to dislike?) on a picture of Kendrick with Lady Gaga. lmfao.

    I knew people would turn on Kendrick, but I didn’t think it’d happen this quickly.

  • aRto

    Uhmmmm WTF are y’all talking about?! ITS JUST A PICTURE. Kids man smh.

  • thats cool you hate some one for making friends with some one plus if they did do music it wouldnt matter and not no one else has doent in the past eazy e amde a song with guns and roses

  • the realest

    did these niggaz really just make a post about kendrick and lady gaga being friends? seriously? wow. i hope tde is filling up your pockets, bcuz if not, thats some real frank ocean shit lol. and im not surprised about this. kendrick doesnt seem to have any clear direction or stand for anything. seems like he just “goes with the flow” of any direction that pulls him that way. so im not surprised at all. and a collab will be coming sooner than later. especially since kendrick doesnt have mainstream appeal. even with beats from dre, scoop deville and t-minus. or hoping on tracks with ymcmb or mmg.

  • who cares

    Shake has an undercover love for Gaga.
    Lady Gaga fuckin’ sucks. Her music is terrible and she has an awful singing voice.

  • Niggas have their own lives to lead, worry about yours more. Maybe you won’t have time to judge others.

    But, I was dead at these:

    “seeing men kiss and make love to each other is what hip hop needs right now.”

    Its too early in the mourning for this shit right here b.

    will said this on July 16th, 2012 at 5:52 am


    Not at 6 in the mourning. The butter aint even thinking about melting on my pancakes & you talking about niggas kissing & making love to each other is what hip hop needs? That frank ocean album cant be that good bruh

  • 3OG

    Another score for the gay community, if they take Kendrick as well. I’m out

  • rez


  • that truth

    this is jimmy iovine interscope bullshit. if they werent on the same label this wouldnt have happened

  • JAyP

    Kendrick dressing like Pharrell and shit LOL

  • Master Lee

    Lady Gaga is actually a really creative and innovative artist. If you guys listened to her music you would know that. It makes sense to me that she would be a fan of Kendrick because they are both great artists. The hate on this site still amazes me. You guys need to get a life. Kendrick and Lady Gaga dont care what you think.

  • marty mcfly

    Does it really fucking matter who Kendrick is friends with? COMEONSON so the fuck what.

  • The U.N. is Nasty

    My homie showed me this pic last night & I was like “who’s tha bitch?” lol. Not to big on pop culture.

  • Bee

    Just because she is seen with kendrick and there is a chance of a possible collab everyone is cool with lady gaga. But if it was jayz instead of kendrick it would have turned into an illuminati secret meeting. Better yet if it was drake, there wouldnt have been even one possitive response. And wtf is up with kendricks style now days?

  • hong

    TDE niqqaz are dope, longterm 2 on the Nrd spin

  • Meatball

    This just shows people how far’s come, He has stepped up image wise. The man’s music is insane.

  • 1ofRossRealNiggas

    The comments on 2BZ these days makes me smfh
    Tho the nigga with pancakes and butter comment was easily genius.

  • B O R I N G

    TDE is funded by Zionist, The same TDE who says there against the govt and other stuff . They make me laugh ….

  • Well written, Shake.

  • NYdreams

    wow thats crazy i went to see if a nigga replied to my comment on this post 2 days ago and a nigga wrote some gay shit on my name smh…. yall niggas is sad

  • Jazz

    smh at these niggas that will not let their fav rapper get publicity… It’s only a bad thing if kendrick starts to make bad music. Which will NEVER happen. Show some respect

  • Austin

    The C-Section provides better entertainment then all new songs and content on this site combined xD.

  • 3much4thesehoes

    He tryna dress like skateboard P but it aint working, this nigga really needs to stop because that outfit is beyond boof on this nigga.

  • YourMomsAnalCreampie

    you sound like a bunch of gossiping bitches

  • Stay Frosty

    I’ll take a mutual friendship over a potential lack luster song.

  • JRoy

    post that new chance.. “Lift Up”

  • zachariah

    She is way too big to take a bribe for this shit, it has to be real. Wale and Gaga’s Chillin was very early in her career and not the same, a forced collab as MIA was meant to be on the original. Good for him, real recognise real I guess.

  • CJ

    ASOP ROCKY and LANA DEL RAY are responsible for this.

  • Cloud 9

    Word on the second comment, 2012 Tupac x Madonna shit. hopefully we DONT hear a collab but oh well.

  • chuck

    I hate lady gagas music but Lady Gaga has been very influential on modern music.

    get out from under the rocks yall live under.

  • who cares

    How in the fuck did a pointless post like this get over 100 comments? o.O

  • EzywyderE