brandUn DeShay – I Wanted To Bring Her Flowers

blame it on Meka July 17, 2012

The beat reminds me of the jazzy tunes of Native Tongues past… I can rock with this.

This song is my song for anyone that believes in second chances and loves Jazz. – brandUn

DOWNLOAD: brandUn DeShay – I Wanted To Bring Her Flowers | Alt
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  • justenjoythisshit

    dope song, dude should bring out his next album or tape asap

  • Pros2ill

    Never heard of this guy but the song title got my attention. Dude had a lot of quotables, just wish it had a good hook to go with lt. No download because of it

  • A Reader!

    ^^ Yeah! If he managed to construct a catchy hook along with those good rhymes… this has the potential to attract more listeners !!

  • Tiz

    Deshay’s a beast..i been followin him for awhile..i wish he’d decide on what type of artist he’s gon i never know what to expect

  • Famous

    sounds like some kanye

  • truth

    dude needs to seriously drop the whole odd future thing. He’s been talking about his history with them for over a year…I think he’s dope enough to never bring them up and come up just as fast with his own style. The more he talks about him the more I don’t want to listen to hismusic.

  • CAPO


  • Truth

    ^^ he made a song bcauae of it, YOU get your shit rifjt

  • Capo

    How bout you suck my dick ^^ because he did not credit the people who worked hard to create this FUCK YOU

  • Fuck the “truth” he is a bitch ass nigga and you don’t know the difference between real ass music and bullshit this shit is corny and should’ve never came out this wouldnt even go plastic.. SHUT IT DWN!!!

  • Haha niggas is quiet.. PUSSY


    If this is a remix, I dont want to hear the original. Nothing can get better than this. Great post 2Dopeboyz!

    @Truth Props to you too.

  • @Reel2Real and @truth the original is way better than this bullshit, this shr is CORNY! Deshay can suck my dick truthfully and y’all are some lame ass Deshay fans… He ain’t going NOWHERE!

  • yallshitheads

    why are yall tripping? DeShay and Phony Ppl are family! he got the beat FROM them. ya stupid -__-

  • KING

    he did not get the beat from Phony PPl it honestly sounds like he looped it and did bad raps over it

  • Ian B

    He stole this from Phony PPL. I’m telling you firsthand, 2dopeboys
    PhonyPPL asks for this to be taken down. It’s not his property and we did not give him permission for this track to be released.
    I’m not even Frontin’. Thanks to the real niggas out there, keep following our music and being dedicated fans, we love you and appreciate it.

    (peep my last tweet)