• who cares

    Goddammit. I was excited as fuck, but it's on Spotify. I'm not about to download and install that shit just to listen to the tape.

  • #fuckspotify


  • Mr. White

    fucki...g spotify

  • C-los

    Shit is so smooth man. It's like dude is just having fun rapping. I'm just having fun bobbing to it

  • YoungCosby

    Album is dope, but I HATE Spotify. I'm a Pandora fan.

  • Pops

    This shit is amazing! Y'all act like downloading Spotify is gonna take more than 2 minutes of your time.

  • DBS

    It's a good album (lyrically and conceptually) but it's really distracting to me when he uses old DOOM beats that I'm used to hearing doom rap over. I wish I could love it but those beats are so embedded in my brain with DOOM rapping over them at this point that I can't.

  • What

    Little miss late. This shit has been on itunes since June 5th

  • RDCJ

    Master Ace is one of the most underated MC's of all time.

  • http://www.HipHopSour.blogspot.com Nate Native

    the best album I heard in 2012 so far. Awesome.