Nas, Miguel & Swizz Beatz Performs “Summer On Smash” On 106 & Park (Video)

blame it on Meka July 17, 2012

As you should know, Nas’ Life Is Good is now available, and he took to the 106 & Park stage alongside the Mighty Mig and Swizzy to perform one of the album’s singles.

If you head down bottom, you can catch the unveiling of Nas’ Life Is Good billboard in New York.

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  • Eric

    Worst song on the LP

  • Steve Francis

    Nas new album is dope as fuck, but but Swizz done tried to fuck that up with his presence. For real, is dude still prelevent cuz he’s Mr. Keys?

  • Steve Francis


  • campus

    no matter what nas will always be followed by the shadow of illmatic but this album is still dope as fuck nothing he does will ever be as good as illmatic mostly because times have changed and people simply dont wanna hear that shit besides us maybe but the man still has to eat and pay his “BILLS” so overall for a mainstream album nas did really good in keepin it hip hop to a good degree and overall it get 4.6 stars out of 5

  • Swizz Beats

    Swizz voice “this song is trash, this song is trash, everybody knows that this song is trash, they hit me with some cash, so like a hoe I gave them ass, EVERYBODY KNOWS I ruined Nas’s smash!” -whoever worked on this album in anyway should of stopped this failure. (That includes ALL producers, engineers, A&Rs, even INTERNS!)

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ this shit goes, you just mad cause this is a way better summer time joint then your favorite rapper got right now.

  • William

    ^^^ Nigga Summertime by Will Smith is the ONLY summer joint I give props to. And how is the nigga mad? You probably got the b*tch on repeat. Smh utter trash.