Nas on Kelis' Reaction to Life is Good Album Cover (Video)

Nas sits down with Flex on Hot 97 to talk about Kelis' reaction to his Life is Good album cover.

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  • 5th

    Why must Flex chuckle at his own questions like that, shut up and let the man speak about something that's really personal to him.

  • Belve10

    As a fan of both before the split, I was Real conflicted about how things was going down. So it's good to know they are "in a better place" emotionally BUT Yo Son she took half and then some.. ughh. But again I'm glad they cool and ish

  • Thinker

    why the fuck Flex gotta laugh that little girl laugh of his on stuff like this?

  • wtf

    Fucking Flex laughing over Nas talking, let the dude talk before you start bitch-laughing. He ruined this interview for me


    Yea i didn't even finish the vid....Flex is annoying

  • Why the fuck was he laughing!? Nothing was funny at all. smh


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