• 5th

    Why must Flex chuckle at his own questions like that, shut up and let the man speak about something that's really personal to him.

  • Belve10

    As a fan of both before the split, I was Real conflicted about how things was going down. So it's good to know they are "in a better place" emotionally BUT Yo Son she took half and then some.. ughh. But again I'm glad they cool and ish

  • Thinker

    why the fuck Flex gotta laugh that little girl laugh of his on stuff like this?

  • wtf

    Fucking Flex laughing over Nas talking, let the dude talk before you start bitch-laughing. He ruined this interview for me


    Yea i didn't even finish the vid....Flex is annoying

  • http://facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000132051090&ref=tn_tnmntwitter.com/DeedoubleyouJr AyYoDuck

    Why the fuck was he laughing!? Nothing was funny at all. smh