OG Ron C - Purple Cigarette Boats (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka July 17, 2012

Earlier today Ron dropped his take on Girl Talk's latest freelease. Tonight, he doubles up on the chopped-not-slopped outings with his take on Spitta and Harry Fraud's collaborative effort.

DOWNLOAD: OG Ron C - Purple Cigarette Boats (Mixtape)


    frank ocean is responsible for faggot hip hop music. it went from b-boys to boyfriends.

  • Marr

    ^^ haha wow

  • BeingReal

    WTF? Why the slopped version before the original?
    Fuck a chop and screw bullshit

  • BeingReal n fucking up

    Nevernind, I just got to the link

  • Justdontgetit

    What exactly is so appealing about fucking up someone's music?

  • z-ro

    What exactly is so appealing about fucking up someone’s music?

    thats your opinion


    ^^^Mmmmmkkkk Trolly McTrollstein...


    *I meant dude at the top...

  • james dean

    I do enjoy an OG Ron C tape....But Drake sounds best on that stuff

  • Josh

    How fuckin gay do you gotta be to put somthing like this out???? Or post it??? get real guys

  • Rufus

    @Josh - Genius they post all kinds of stuff in various forms, genres and styles its really not that complicated to figure out what happened when you woke up did you find your internal setting set to "vagina" ?

  • Chopped and screwedddd

  • Sooooooo no one is gonna comment on the artwork clearly being redone by using Paint? this is filarious