Action Bronson – Blackbird (prod. Thelonious Martin)

blame it on Illy July 18, 2012

The second single off Closed Session v.2 presented by Ruby Hornet and MTV2 Sucker Free comes from Action Bronson alongside producer Thelonious Maritn. Stream the track after the jump.

  • that truth

    deaaddd @ his musics about his life. 10 secs later he says suck my sons dick hes 4. ima fan but gtfo

  • who cares

    Dope track

  • MckeeWilma

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    why do yall love this guy with his fictional rhymes who blatantly ripped off Ghostfaces whole style but yall slander the shit outta rick ross?

  • dropkickmikey1976

    action is the king,reppin queens and fuck ghost face that shit is dead,ghostface writes plenty of fictional rhymes like just about 99 percent of all rappers.fuck your mother if you ain down with bronson,fuckin haterz

  • icardi

    ^^ He simply just sounds like Ghostface. Fuck off PUFF DADDY. If the legend himself (Ghostface) can dig it, I can dig it. Bronson has possibly the best if not the best beat selection out of rappers today. Sick flow, consistent, and “Authentic”. Had me hooked at hello (i.e. “Imported Goods” or “Shiraz”)

  • d-bo

    @ Dropkickmikey

    Go hang yourself with a barbed wire. Action Bronson is dope, but how you gonna say that Ghost is dead? Go listen to some Drizzy or sumthin. Fuckin faggot.