Hopsin – Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5 (Video)

blame it on Meka July 18, 2012

It’s been a while, but Hopsin finally lets loose the fifth installment of his viral series as his born day present to his fans.

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  • Dizaster spiritually exsorsised Canibus when he channeled the spirit of HIPHOP, for me that was proof that higher forces are at work on this planet – This kid right here is proof yet again that there is a very deep element of truth to this game, Hopsin keep spitting that heat from the city of Lost Angels the world is watching – Zimbabwe

  • StefDirt

    Smashin em’ again…
    Guys a BEAST!! wen he puts his (ILL)Mind to it.. FV

  • unclesam

    It can´t JUST be me who thinks this dude is whack and extremely boring to listen to. He just doesn´t have ANYTHING interesting to say. Add to that his annoying voice (IMO) which makes him, in my opinion, terrible to listen to.

  • Meh

    “Doesn’t have ANYTHING interesting to say”? Nothing at this song was interesting to you? His voice is fine too.

    My favourite Ill Mind so far.

  • Druggid

    @unclesam I respect your opinion and all, but what do you mean he has nothing interesting to say? If you don’t wanna hear a preachy track that’s cool, but I can almost guarantee this song directly relates in some way to you or someone close to you.

  • Meh

    In this song*

  • grapedrank

    big fucking yawwwwn

  • NYdreams

    this nigga was str8 up preachin… this shit was a must listen… my fav ill mind of hopsin to drop

  • Juicy-G


  • #justsayin

    ^ what he said

  • Hopsin

    @unclesam Are you serious? If so, you’re a fucking idiot. I honestly feel like grabbing your head and hitting it, matter of fact you don’t even deserve a brain GIMME IT!

  • NoWuff

    He made me feel bad for going to college

  • NoWuff

    Sounds too much like Eminem though

  • naoshad

    normally i hate on this dude when he over does it with the stupid voices, but when he’s calm and dropping smart bars like this, i have to give it up.

    still to me his style is wack, remind me of some insane clown posse juggalo shit

  • UUU

    Not going to lie, I’m usually not a big fan of Hopsin, but I was really feeling this. A little preachy, but still dope. A lot of the things he said were things I’m always pointing out…like how selling drugs and being a thug doesn’t make you a “real nigga”.

  • TX


    Took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Thinker

    Besides the 2 dumbasses who didn’t bother clicking play, I think I agree with everybody else here. Hopsin went hard on this track

  • j

    fuck this after school special. this nigga hates weed and clearly has never smoked b4 in his life…surprising! i agree about the hoes shit, but the street nigga/college kid stereotypes are played out. Hop fell off…Ill Mind 3/4 were the best

  • Rozko

    HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU HATE ON THIS?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

    IT’s nothing but the truth…honestly….2dopeboyz visitors are haters plain and simple….and simple minded

  • Bout time he spit some real shit instead of putting on dresses and beefing with other rappers over nothing. This track was on point.

  • chuck

    hopsin made it clear that he never attended college.

  • Nicholas Minaj

    2 dope!

  • who cares

    Words can’t describe how dope this is

  • story of my life

  • lmao this nigga said “youre cock thirsty, you nasty and probably got herpers”

  • jdz

    This was awesome, I agree with so much of what he said and hell, I can even relate to a bit of it.

    Anyone that hates on this is clearly just doing it to be ‘cool’

  • david

    people here get offended too easily, anyone who doesn’t like it is hating? People just giving their 2 cents

  • TX

    I don’t think he’s saying smoking weed or drinking alcohol is bad. He’s saying those things are bad if that’s all you do and you don’t have any real goals in life. I agree. I smoke and drink, but have my priorities straight. A lot of people don’t, and those are the ones who shouldn’t be smoking/drinking because it’s getting in the way of them being successful.

  • Chopz

    I’m with Uncle Sam, this is nothing that I haven’t already thought about to myself. In a way, it feels unoriginal or unecessary.

    I mean, I get it, and the message is cool and all, but I don’t need homie to point out what is obviously wrong with our generation. Not really hating on it, but this track is nothing new to me.

    I’d much rather listen to a fictional and emotional story than listen to the reality that is our generation.

  • Kidd

    This is fucking dope

  • Ha

    Dumb hoe’s and self proclaimed “real niggas” hating this all day. Not a big fan but this was smart shit.

  • Juicy-G

    300+ likes!!! That’s what the fuck I’m talking about.

  • smh

    @Chapz….you’d rather listen to a fictional (FAKE) story, or an emotional story…PAUSE

    1st off niggas always wanting to hear fictional bullshit is what has so much of our generation fucked up. He was spittin what a large number of todays hip hop “fans” really need to hear. Not the ignorance that so many people choose to entertain from the radio.

    2nd off, this track may have not been emotional to you but to many others this was a very emotional track because so many people can relate to the topics he touched on.

    Anybody that can’t respect an artist that has a following like Hopsin, who has no problem keeping it real and spittin real shit need a reality check

  • Not going to lie, I’m usually not a big fan of Hopsin, but I was really feeling this. A little preachy, but still dope. A lot of the things he said were things I’m always pointing out…like how selling drugs and being a thug doesn’t make you a “real nigga”.
    UUU said this on July 18th, 2012 at 1:27 pm

    i bet UUU arent even a “nigga”.

  • intelligent rapper right here

  • theintellectualist™

    @Chapz and @unclesam

    I take it by your comments that both of you don’t appreciate having the truth said aloud. Both of you sound like the kind of people who would rather think about something and then immediately store in the back of your minds so you can forget, rather than have expunged and let known.

    If Hopsin is communicating thoughts that you yourself have thought about, then his work is grounded in a universal truth. It’s insightful rather than formulaic and full of condescending bullshit aimed at being force fed to you.

    If you enjoy that alienated pop shit, all the power to you. If you like to listen to music that denigrates women and elevates hatred among black people, it’s your taste and your life. But you can’t hate on a guy for saying the truth you know to exist but don’t want to be said…

  • Grimey

    Feeling this style from hopsin. We would all rather hear this than him go after other rappers. +1 in my book


    THAT WAS DOPE. you cant deny the truth and he is speaking it.

  • NYG880

    speaking the truth, rappers who really need to link up and work together to change not only rap but the mindset of our youth and society- lupe, immortal technique, jon connor, and hopsin.

  • double83

    I hate when i hear something from an artist that should be dope, but for whatever reason sounds like he is lacking passion. Its as if he just grabbed a dictionary and thesaurus and wrote a verses he thought would sound nice.

  • Chopz

    This is not an emotional track at all. It’s just sad having to hear this guy have to blatantly tell people what they’re doing wrong with their life. I personally don’t need a reality check as I am well aware of what is wrong with not just music, but people in general.

    I respect Hopsin as an artist, but people are actin like this is the first time that someone has ever said so profound about our generation. I will pull out names like Tupac, Biggie, Nas. Just because fictional stories are fake doesn’t mean there isn’t any truth to it. They are still observations about people, their habits and their actions.

    I’m not hating by far. The song makes you think, but it’s not thought provoking in a sense that it’s just all blatantly out there, instead of you coming to your OWN conclusion about the people around you. I feel like any other GOOD rapper, could do this song, but many of the BETTER artists choose to do it in a way that makes you interpret the meaning of their lyrics. I ENJOY deciphering what artists want us to take from their songs.

    It’s elitists like you that make people think that songs about bitches, hoes, guns and money can’t (can’t NOT don’t) have any meaning to them. People shy away from our genre because they’re scared of some bad words which can be an even harsher depiction of life. People are scared and choose not to look deeper into more colloquial lyrics that contain more truth than anything you see on TV.

    Also, please don’t tell me what I listen to. I enjoy various types of music, yes, including pop and the derogatory shit that blasts on the radio. Who doesn’t like to have fun here and there? I hope bitch and/or hoe or any other derogatory term is nowhere in your vocabulary if you’re going to pull that card.

    tl;dr this a boring truth about life that is completely overrated and overshadows the artists that have already done “this song”

  • OHGee

    Hopsin, pick better beats! Keep it movin! We see ya over here in L.A. KEEP PUSHIN!

  • M0ns!er

    Sounds like a black Eminem. Really dig this track

  • wgewe

    @chopz just ETHERED @theintellectualist

    i dont think there has ever been a nigga so full of shit with his head so far up his own ass on 2DB before.

  • theintellectualist™


    Are you fucking kidding me? Elitism? Man, three things that you obviously overlooked: you’re saying people shy away from gangster rap (the genre of the golden era of hip-hop)? nigga, please… everything else you’re saying sounds like an excuse for ignorance, for being comfortable and not tasting a different kind of drink just because it’s in a different box with a different flavor.

    You’re apologetic stances are ridiculous, and most of all they’re the kind of thought line which keeps the culture from progressing. Nobody’s scared of hip-hop anymore, comedians parody gangster rap’s ludicrous and boastful and larger than life claims all the time (even Tina Fey did it on Gambino’s mixtape)

    You’re pathetic… having fun and accepting something that’s different and doesn’t match your palate are two different things. I listen to the radio too, but I try to keep an open mind about artists who can potentially keep the culture moving forward, rather than making excuses like you about how people are scared of it…

    Where do you live that people are scared of hip-hop? Get the fuck out of here… smh, idiot…

    and @wgewe, stop playing yourself, the only one who got ethered here was you with you’re dumbass endorsement of another nigga who’s apologizing for everyone…

  • bigdog

    @wgewe, ROFL, nobody got ethered. You’re an idiot.

    @chopz, I get what you’re saying about *you* not needing to hear him point out the obvious, but I think that using that to encompass everyone is ridiculous. Imagine how stupid the average person is, then remember 50% of people are dumber than that. I think there’s a lot, if not the majority, of people who need this shoved in their face so that hopefully one day they wake up and realize they are wasting their lives.

    I also think you contradict yourself. You say in that some artists have done “this song” like 2Pac, Nas and Biggie but then you say they did it in a totally different way through metaphors and fictional stories. So that’s not the same thing. Factually, that’s the exact opposite.

    Also, you talk about taking a song and deciphering what the artist wants us to get from it. I love attempting to do that, but you aren’t the artist so you’ll never know for sure what they wanted us to get from it. At best you have a good educated guess. They may have been thinking something totally different than what you got from it. So I don’t see the problem with making this song straight to the point and obvious. I don’t think it’s fair to say that makes it less thought provoking. It didn’t make you solve a riddle but still made you think about the same topics.

    I also think that you’re right when you say that simple songs about money, hoes and guns can have a deeper meaning. However, on the average I don’t think they do. And I don’t agree that they hold more truth than a lot of people want to admit. I think those are the fake songs. They portray a character or image that a lot of people aspire to be like. In reality I think there’s very few people living that life.

    Last I do agree with you on 2 more things. I think everyone likes a few “fun” songs here and there. Something that regardless of how dumb or meaningless it is, we hear it and get happy and smile. That dumbass Lemonade song for me is one. Secondly I agree that theintellectualist can’t form an argument to save his life. He makes some good points but they’re easy to miss when using nonsense metaphors and talking shit.

  • b1s

    I just thought this was refreshing…I guess I’ve slept on this dude…listened to his other stuff, he has rhymes but it has a cartoonish feel…still feeling this joint and glad something like this is getting a lot of interest on the net….2 million plus hits in 2 days…Sometimes you get tired of the vanity porn