Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Same Love f. Mary Lambert

blame it on Meka July 18, 2012

As part of a partnership with Music for Marriage Equality campaign, Sub Pop Records will release this track digitally on 7/24 and as a limited run 7″ vinyl on 7/31, available through Sub Pop. All proceeds will benefit marriage equality in Washington State.

Mack and Ryan will drop their debut album, The Heist, on October 9th. SHAKE UPDATE: Macklemore also too to his site to share his thoughts on the record, read them over here.

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  • doc rovers

    powerful song

  • doc rovers

    and i like how the post before this is Future; one rapper is a talented bright mind with thought-provoking views and messages behind dope beats, the other is dragging hip hop down to a level of ignorance and lack of talent never before seen

  • mR

    dope and much needed

  • Druggid

    Deep song. Hiphop isn’t dead, it’s just misrepresented.

  • III

    Wonder how long it’ll take for the trolls/ignorant fucks to come in here and start calling people faggots.

  • BigDog

    How do I have to be the first real dude to say it…


  • d-bo

    I don’t necessarily agree with gay marriage cuz it’s gay, but this is a dope track.

  • Pharaoh

    ^ looks like it didn’t take long

  • Catfishthurnis

    Why do people think being real means being mean/offensive? Anyway, great job by macklemore. This is deep.

  • who cares

    This was amazing. Powerful stuff

  • dcd

    it’s a shame that people like doc rovers are too elitist to accept that this type of hip-hop and hip-hop like future can both be good and exist together. people just can’t seem to give one thing props without dissing the other.

  • Butch

    This song was needed and was done correctly. Macklemore is a true artist.

  • Truth Teller

    a white guy rapping about fags. hip hop is dead.

  • III

    @Truth Teller

    Then do us all a favor and stop coming to hip-hop blogs. Go listen to 90s music and stay off the internet since you’re so bothered by what hip-hop has become. Peace.

  • Prejudice is Ignorance

    @Truth Teller

    A racist AND a homophobe? Wow, you truly are scum. Please pack up our stuff and leave life immediately.



  • SandyPearlmanAndBones

    Macklemore deserves a Grammy. Rap needs to speak with conviction and purpose like the pair do on this track. Old world ideals were meant to exit with the old world. And this is from a straight male who is a huge rap fan. Props to Mack for speaking out

  • Eh..

  • nobody

    Fuck yeah

  • doc rovers

    shut up dcd, we both know future is wack. dont defend him

  • marty mcfly

    I’m gonna have my boyfriend buttfuck me with this song blaring in the background. #GayPower