• DBS

    Gwen's first solo album was the shit, don't hate.

  • e $$

    shawty had 2 kids ( i think ) and still looks the exact same way she did when she first came out with no doubt..wow

  • tom

    uum yeah, this album right here is about to outsell every other artist on this site. lol at the thumbs down.

  • noDiggity

    @ e $$ ...nah homie, she got them skinny old lady arms now and wrinkle veins out her neck..shes pushin like 40 somethin maybe

    still would hit doe no question

  • JD

    Yea... Gwen is IN her 40s... Fun Fact: No Doubt formed in 1986.. the exact fucking year i was born.

    I still fucks wit 'em doe... and my fav song of theirs is "It's My Life" what a wonderful song.

  • nahhh

    don't speak is good, this song is not