• ax

    It's free! fuck yeah. thanks shake.

  • Mike11

    So excited. About to push play any minute...

  • Arty

    Half way through, this LP is like tailored for me. #reallifemusic

  • yep

    the album is fresh, but the cover art is lame.

  • Fry

    thoroughly dope, beginning to end, super impressed.

  • Run The Sleep Out Ya Eyes

    I like the music and the concept of the art to go with it, the treatment with the typography on the back cover could use some work though. Dope shit over all.

  • Rub The Sleep Out Ya Eyes

    Mainly the hierarchy. Okay I'm done. Lol.

  • xastey

    never heard of this cat but pure dope.. any other works?

  • lindseysoco

    just found this album on you're favorite's. wow, can't believe i've never heard of this guy before. It's really dope, TY!!