• Mic

    This song and art >>>>

  • My Adidas

    They did they thing on here. The production on this song is really dope. Sounds like a hit record.

  • Playa Ham

    haha they re did the Super Fly cover that was clever. Playa Del Rey!

  • High All The Time


  • Biggie’sCoogiSweater

    I wanna fucc Raven off a bottle of 1999 Vino Barbaresco

  • ChiTown

    Female rappers That"s the shit I don't like. Raven Sorvino I love you.

  • Wave Master

    Pool party wavy shit.

  • mynameismyname

    fly cut, definitely digging this, she's a breath of fresh air as far as female rappers go, not to mention she's a babe!!

  • Tailor


  • Marty McFly

    The Art Work Is sick!

  • boss

    Rick Ross should sign her to MMG

  • TDE

    @Boss "I agree"

  • OvaL


  • DjERM


  • Lance Geneva

    Damn, this bitch is gangsta.. I'm tryna sip a 40oz with her but Florida laws only let us drink 32oz.. Imma meet her one day and try to bag..